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Managing Remote Coders - Research Paper Example

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Managing Remote Coders No: Date: University: Managing Remote Coders The world of health care system is evolving continuously and changes have taken place in this sector regarding meeting the needs of patients and evaluation of their data…
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Managing Remote Coders
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Download file to see previous pages Job requirements as highlighted by organizations in their job advertisements, location of remote coders and responsibilities of a remote coder, all have evolved with time. These remote coders can work from any location including their home and can provide quality service to health care providers. Many job opportunities are available for remote coders on national and international level. The need for precise coding of patient data has created a high demand for the professional remote coding specialists. Weil (2007) in his article claims that “with coder shortages, increasing coding complexity and the ever-present need to find cost saving solutions, organizations are turning to outside relationships to maintain a competitive advantage while delivering superior patient care”. The medical coding process involves the coding of medical records of patients into numerical format for the purpose of data storing. Coding is done by reviewing medical records of the patients and transforming medical details of the patients’ illnesses and procedures into numerical codes. Requirements of Other Organizations based on Job Advertisements The organizations, which appoint remote coders, have certain requirements. To become a remote coding specialist, one must acquire certain technical skills and qualifications. Adequate resources and training are available for remote coders to polish their skills. A remote coder needs to have certification from a well-recognized organization as AHIMA or AAPC. A certified coding specialist certificate is essential to work as a remote coder. A certified professional coder is a specialized person with high professional value who has passed a coding examination conducted by AAPC. It is highly recommended that a remote coder has at least two years of coding experience at a hospital and is able to satisfy the CEU requirements. According to Becksterhead (2010), “applicants must have a minimum of one year's coding experience and AHIMA certification, with Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) or Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) certifications”. The remote coders are expected to have high school diploma. However, the preference is mostly for candidates with a Bachelors degree. The remote coder applicant is also expected to possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. Since the coder has to review the medical records and other documents extensively, the language proficiency is of prior importance for him. As per Black (2009), “he should have excellent organizational skills for detail-oriented and repetitive job duties. Also requires the ability to work independently and make decisions with minimal supervision”. It is also essential for the coder to have knowledge of medical terminologies, pharmacology and disease processes. Implementing Remote Coding at a Facility Initially to implement a remote coding program, an administrator can make use of simple cost and benefit analysis. It is highly cost effective to recruit remote coders on permanent basis. Klarberg (2010) in his article writes, “Remote coding can be successfully implemented and managed by even the smallest of facilities. Prior to implementing a remote coding program, it is imperative that HIM administrators fully discuss remote coding solutions with various departments” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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