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Quality Management System - Question - Essay Example

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Quality Management System – Question Table of Contents Problem 1 3 Problem 2 5 Problem 3 7 Problem 4 9 Reference 12 Problem 1 The Financial information for Firm A and Firm B are as follows: Firm A Firm B [The values are in Dollars (all numbers in 000s)] Labor 30,000 16,000 Plant & Equipment 200,000 150,000 Energy 17,500 20,500 Materials 200,000 180,000 Sales 1,200,000 900,000 a) The partial and total productivity of Firm A and Firm B are computed below: Partial Labor Productivity of Firm A = Sales/Labor = 1200000/30000 = 40 Partial Labor Productivity of Firm B = Sales/Labor = 900000/16000 = 56.25 Partial Plant & Equipment Productivity of Firm A = Sales/Plant & Equipment = 1200000/200000 = 6…
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Quality Management System - Question
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"Quality Management System - Question"

Download file to see previous pages tivity: A Brief Survey”). b) From the above calculations, it can be inferred that the Labor Productivity of Firm A is much less compared to its competitor Firm B and hence Firm A needs to improve its productivity per unit labor employed. Thus, Firm A should focus more into Human Resource Optimization in order to improve their labor productivity. The Plant & Equipment productivity of both the firms is same implying that both have utilized their assets by the same extent. The material productivity is also almost same. In terms of royalty, Firm A seems to be in a better position compared to its competitor Firm B as it has better sales value. The energy productivity of Firm A is much higher than Firm B implying that it has utilized its energy component optimally. The total productivity of both the firms is also almost the same, while Firm A utilizes it energy component better, Firm B optimizes its labor utilization. Thus, it can be inferred from the total productivity that the prospect of Firm A seems to be slightly superior then Firm B. Problem 2 Histogram for Hours of Overtime It can be inferred from the above histogram that 12 employees which is 40% of the entire number of employees fall in the range of (93 – 185) overtime hours. The range (0-92) overtime hours and (186-278) overtime hours have 7 employees each which is equivalent to 23.3% of the total no. of employees. There are two employees each who fall in the overtime hours range of (279-371) and (372-464). The mean value of the overtime hours is 167.26 hours and it can be noted from the histogram that more than 50% of the total employees have overtime hours less than the mean. To conclude, it can be seen that the hours of overtime appear to be normally distributed amongst the 30 employees. Histogram for Days Absent The above histogram shows that almost half of the total employees (i.e. 14 which is 46.6% of the total) has number of days absent ranging from (0 – 1.2) days. Subsequently the next highest figure of workers’ absence days falls in the range from (2.6 – 3.8) days. There are 6 employees whose days of absence fall in the range of (1.3 - 2.5) days while there are only 3 employees (10% out of total employees) whose absence days fall in the range between (5.2 - 6.4) days. From the distribution of histogram it can be revealed, more than half of total workers (63% of the total employees) have absence days which are less than the mean value of 1.93 days. To conclude, the distribution of histogram appears to be shifted to the left which means most workers have absence days less than the mean value. Problem 3 The data overtime hours and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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