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Report on Companies in East Anglia - Essay Example

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10 Label Printing Companies in East Anglia Report The trip to East Anglia will be organized for Students of University of Birmingham, in order to visit some label printing Companies, which are specialized in label printing and digital printing. The purpose of the educational trip and visit, is for the students to get to know the process of label printing/digital printing, as they were taught this year the subject of Invention of printing of Gutenberg, in 1450 , and they will be given instructions how to write a paper on this topic in the final exams…
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Report on Companies in East Anglia
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"Report on Companies in East Anglia"

Download file to see previous pages So, students will see from close, the way their own books get printed, as well, as everything else, such as pamphlets, magazines, newspapers and all publishing stuff. Upon organizing this trip, one has to think of some parameters, regarding this business, such as international trade if so. Whether, for example, these companies are export and import companies at the same time, by collaborating with other companies, bigger companies, from which they get new ideas, on the work procedure whether they deal with their own ideas, in regard to their business after having worked longue time offering their innovations (Ashwell Dies, 1976). Also some cultural issues, such as labor force, marketing, relationship between importers and exporter, will be criteria, for them to better understand the history of printing, in the long run, in regard to adaptation to trade rules of today companies in the field. We’ll be choosing 7 companies among the first 10 ones chosen initially. We’ll be choosing the biggest ones, and those who are willing to receiving a group of 25 students from University These companies are: Ashwell Dies, Label-On, Adhesive Label Manufacturer, Label Solutions Limited, Taffeta Label Printing, Plimsoll Label Printing, One-Label Printing, Also, this will be for saving time, and just fewer companies, would be better for the scope of the trip, and paper (Billbord, 1971) later. Labor force should not be big nor too small, so the image that students will get, will be as objective as possible. Also what has to be considered, are the relationships between importers and exporters, whether for example, these companies are doing exports, to Publishing Houses of abroad for example, for printing their material in books or magazines for example, so that students will get deeper to the meaning of one of the big inventions in history that have changed the world, (Bellis, 2011) thus getting post- historical knowledge on one of the ‘’100 most important events’’ of the world so far throughout history (Seidi, J. 1999). What also would be also interesting for the future, is whether something even newer on this will be ever discovered by anyone, being specialized in the object, to be “added” to history of label printing, in the modern world. For example anyone will be ever able to invent something more original, for speed on printing, that this can be a “case study” for future students. And we also want to consider upon this, whether, any innovations will be implemented, for making this work easier and more comfortable for workers in the future. So, in general what are the perspectives of further development of these six major companies, of East Anglia, serving as statistics finally to the topic and the real status of label manufacturer (Adhesive Label Manufacturer, 2011). The companies, finally chosen for visit, have welcomed students before, and they are too open and willing, to inform then in detail, about past, present and possibilities of the field in the near future. Safety and health conditions, are not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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