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Halls of Fame and Shame: Between Amazon and AOL - Coursework Example

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This essay "Halls of Fame and Shame: Between Amazon and AOL" deals with the business of Amazon and AOL. Reportedly, based from MSN, the Amazon company (AMZN) is named as one of the ten companies that serve its customers quite right. …
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Halls of Fame and Shame: Between Amazon and AOL
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Extract of sample "Halls of Fame and Shame: Between Amazon and AOL"

Download file to see previous pages Why AOL company has poor customer service is mainly because of the bad treatment it has towards its customers. The experience of Vincent Ferrari, one of AOL’s former online customer, is a gruesome tale of how the company tracks its customer. AOL fails to serve its customers in an acceptable way. When Ferrari decided to cancel its AOL account, the company -- via its customer representative -- failed to listen to his request. Randall Stross (2006) describes Ferrari’s encounter with John -- the self-identified name of the AOL’s customer representative whom Ferrari talked over the phone -- as follows: “To listen as Mr. Ferrari tries to cancel his membership is to join him in a wild, horrifying descent into customer-service hell.” Stross (2006) seems to say that there are many AOL customers who had undergone such horrible encounter as a common yet under-the-table policy of the company. In a survey, AOL received a forty-five percent (45%) poor rating from certain respondents (Microsoft News Center, 2009). Such company has retained its crown in MSN’s Customer Service Hall of Shame. With respect to Ferrari’s case, the AOL company had fired John, sent an apology letter to Ferrari, and finally canceled his account. These actions were the responses of the company to correct what it had done wrong. By firing John, rumors that Ferrari’s story is a hoax are laid to rest (Stross, 2006). Further, the company sent a personal letter to Ferrari as a gesture of admitting its mistake on how to properly deal the customer. Whether or not the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Halls of Fame and Shame: Between Amazon and AOL" is quite often seen among the tasks in college. Still, this sample opens a brand new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the style for my own research.

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