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Benchmark State-of-the-art Organizational Process Improvements by Custom Food And Feed Corporation - Research Paper Example

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This paper outlines an organizational change strategy that should be implemented by the Custom Food and Feed Corporation so as to help it curb the challenges. As the newly hired HR manager of the tech division the author outlines a few methods that should be implemented within the division. …
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Benchmark State-of-the-art Organizational Process Improvements by Custom Food And Feed Corporation
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Extract of sample "Benchmark State-of-the-art Organizational Process Improvements by Custom Food And Feed Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages The plan is to use Prosci’s change management methodology and the recommendations include changing the leadership style, using the Corporate KSAO (knowledge, skills, ability, and other characteristics) during the employment process and facilitating learning rather than training for all employees. As a result, CF&F will improve its performance, profit margins, communication strategy, employer to employee relationship and an organizational culture that integrates both individual and organizational change management. Introduction Custom Food and Feed Corporation (CF&F) specializes in the production and marketing of food and ingredients for animal feed. The Corporation faces an array of allegations including mismanagement, failure to adhere to stipulated federal and state regulations on safety, quality, and environment, noncompliance with the federal and state labor laws and unfair HR practices. As a result, CF&F has been under investigation for the last 10 years. This has resulted in the creation of the poor public image, loss of market share, nosedive in its performance and a drastic drop in profits. In order to counteract the negativity associated with the Corporation, a new CEO was appointed to oversee it through a change process. The CEO mandated the president to do an analysis of the organization’s culture to detect the source of the allegations. This responsibility was then delegated to the vice president who decided to do the corporate research on the tech division. This is the newest addition to the Corporation. It runs seven lines of production on a daily basis for 24 hours where fermentation process is used to change dextrose (sugar) into a myriad of feed ingredients (if care is not taken microbes especially salmonella which pose grave health concerns can easily grow). The workforce at the tech division comprises of 92 managers and 300 employees. After the analysis, it was detected that the tech division did not adhere to the stipulated quality, safety, and environmental standards. It was also determined that there is a poor employer-employee relationship because of the style of leadership used. The managers implemented an authoritarian leadership strategy which had only managed to build barriers between the management and the employees. In fact, the employees were not at all empowered since they worked under pressure and were not free to air their views and concerns. As a result, employees were opting for unionizing. Another source of the allegations was from the fact that the production decisions made by the managers were implemented by supervisors who had been given the promotional rank without consideration of the Corporations KSAO (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics) guidelines. In fact, it was determined that the tech division was highly infested with nepotism. On the other hand, the promoted employees were not subjected to any training that would nurture their competence and leadership skills. Moreover, it is the duty of the managers to ensure the given directions are appropriately implemented. On the other hand, the promoted employees were not subjected to any training that would nurture their competence and leadership skills. Moreover, it is the duty of the managers to ensure the given directions are appropriately implemented.
In addition, the human resource manager oversees all the human resource activities of all the divisions in the Corporation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Benchmark State-of-the-art Organizational Process Improvements by Custom Food And Feed Corporation" is quite often seen among the tasks in high school. Still, this text opens a new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the style for my own research.

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