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The Fortune 100 Best COmpanies - Coursework Example

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A Report on the Need for Working Relationship with Fortune 100 Best Companies (Memo) (Name) (Designation) (Date) Table of contents Executive summary 2 Introduction 2 Benefits of establishing a working relationship with the Fortune 100 Best 3 List of Fortune 100 companies hiring at present where people with little 3 Companies that show considerable growth in job opportunities 5 Potential employers for Saint Leo graduates 5 Conclusion 7 References 8 Executive summary The work of a placement agency is rather complex…
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The Fortune 100 Best COmpanies
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"The Fortune 100 Best COmpanies"

Download file to see previous pages When executed accurately, this relationship will benefit all the parties involved. It will ensure the company that only the ones who possess the specific skills are directed to the company. In addition, it means reduced expenditure and reduced wastage of time. For the agency, there is more profit, and for the candidate, the most suitable job in the shortest period of time. However, for the relationship, to work properly, there should be a clear understanding between the employer and the recruitment agency as to what are the specific requirements for various positions in the company.This work intends to look into the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for List and tries to identify the best performing companies in terms of percentage of job growth, top salary and perks. Thereafter, the companies that are suitable for people with less work experience are identified and listed. Also, the companies that suit the fresh graduates of St. Leo University are identified and listed. ...
The more the working relationships are, the easier the work will be, and the higher the placement will be. By having working relationships with the companies, it will be easy to identify exactly what qualities the companies are looking for in the potential candidates. That way, it will be easy to meet the expectations of the employer and the employee in a better way. When such a relationship is developed, it benefits all the concerned parties. For the company, this ensures easy availability of the most suitable candidates in the shortest possible time, and that too at a considerably lower cost. When the relationship works out as the candidates are successful, the agency gains more credibility, and thus, more business. Thirdly, for the candidate, there is the most suitable job with less effort as there is no need to search for vacancies in various companies. This work attempts to look into the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for List, and tries to find out which are some important companies in the list with which a recruitment agency has to develop working relationships. In addition, efforts are made to identify the ones which best suit candidates with less experience, and the ones which best suit the fresh graduates from Saint Leo University. Here, the candidates are adults with some work experience and fresh graduates of St. Leo University. To analyze the situation, the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for List is used. 1. Benefits of establishing a working relationship with the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For Undoubtedly, establishing a working relationship with companies makes the role of employment agency much easier. This is especially so when the companies have not provided a clear idea about the skills they are looking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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