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Allstate Insurance Company - Case Study Example

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Allstate Insurance Company Abstract The paper comprises of the goal-setting process of Allstate Insurance Company for attaining its specific goals. The evaluation of the company’s goal setting in accordance with the models stated that the company has adopted effective strategy so as to fulfill the three processes of the goal setting model…
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Allstate Insurance Company
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Download file to see previous pages Table of Contents Abstract 2 1.0 Introduction 4 2.0Evaluation of Allstate's Goal-Setting Process 4 3.0Dimensions of an Effective Goal Setting Program of Allstate 6 4.0High-Performance Reward System of Allstate to Motivate Its Employees to Reach Its Diversity Goals 7 5.0Conclusion 9 6.0References 10 1.0 Introduction Allstate Insurance Company in order to improve the performance of the employees developed diversity strategy. This strategy was considered to be effective weapon for gaining competitive advantage. The company for achieving its goal has adopted various processes. The entire goal of the company was based on the performance standard of the employees. In this paper, the goal setting process of Allstate Insurance Company has been evaluated by considering the model of goal setting. The paper seeks to explain whether the company has fulfilled the dimension of goal setting. The paper includes the recommendations related to the high performance reward system that Allstate Insurance Company can implement for achieving its goals. 2.0 Evaluation of Allstate's Goal-Setting Process To improve the performance and to reach the goals, the insurance company thought of developing a goal-setting process. The diversity strategy of the company will enable it to reach the specific goals. The definite goal of the company facilitated to improve performance and increase motivation level of the employees. The goal setting model is required to be developed by a company otherwise the entire goals as well as objectives will suffer. The appropriate model facilitates a company to reach its ultimate planned targets (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2007). Goal Setting Process The company in order to enhance the performance level is required to follow three processes of goal setting model. The first step is challenging goal developed by the company. The company took a challenge to improve the performance and adopted diversity strategy. The strategy was developed by considering two major aspects of internal as well as external focus. The internal challenge is to develop the potential of employees by providing them with tools, opportunities and resources. The external challenge is to relate the employees with the experience and background of the market where the company was operating. This challenge had to be faced by the company in its daily operations (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2007). The second process is that of moderating. This step would recognize the ability of the company to meet its goals that have been committed. In this process the company received feedback from the employees regarding the improvement process that has to be implemented. The company generally focused towards the committed goals in this process and thus for goal achievement, various complexities have been raised. The next process involves mediating; at this point the company moved on a specific direction and gave utmost efforts with strong determination to reach the strategy that has been set. With such positive attitude the company gained positive performances from the employees (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2007). The company provided rewards to the employees owing to their effective performance which resulted in increase in satisfaction level of the employees. The ultimate result of all these processes was the achievement of the company in fulfilling its challenging goals (Hellriegel & Sl ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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