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International Students Care: E-Commerce Project - Assignment Example

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This assignment presents the business concept for the e-commerce international students care project that, therefore, would help students have informed planning and decision-making in their education, ensuring that this all leads to them achieving their goals…
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International Students Care: E-Commerce Project
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Download file to see previous pages The assignment "International Students Care: E-Commerce Project" presents the business concept and a business plan for an e-commerce project "International Students Care".
through e-commerce, business development can become smoother and much more convenient, given that this medium can take you to any target market at the least possible time and at with the widest exposure, all with minimal costs. More and more students in the world are already using the advantages of the internet in their studies, either by researching information they need, buying books and other school merchandise, or even in browsing the prospective schools that they are going to attend to. Another factor is that a lot of universities have already gone online, with most of them even displaying offered courses and other valuable information concerning their educational institution. With these in mind, our group started to conceptualize for an online business that would cater to all of the needs of a student—a sort of one-stop shop for students who are browsing online.
International Students Care would be an online firm that would advise students on how to plan their education so that they can effectively reach their goals. With acknowledging that education plays a large part in the career growth of an individual, we visualize International Students Care to be the leading firm that would help students have informed planning and decision-making in their education, ensuring that this all leads to them achieving their goals. Part II - Business Plan In preparing the business plan, our group outlined the factors that must be addressed in order for our online business to be set up successfully. This includes the following: Official Company Name Place of Business Number of Employees to be Hired Equipment and Merchandising Needs Other Concerns In this case, we decided that the official business name would be “International Students Care” given that this name would not only be direct to the point, but will also signify our commitment to serve students worldwide, and help them reach their dreams. In addition to that, we also think of expanding our business and do services to students outside the country, making us put the word “International” in the business name. At first, the business would only be set up on an apartment. Given that the nature of our business is knowledge-based, our group thought that we do not still need some building or office until we have expanded so much that we have needed an HR Department. In this case, any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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