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E-Commerce. The Advantages of Global Education - Essay Example

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This paper will provide a report on the global education feasibility in implementation of this ideology in the light of the contemporary as well as the expected changes in mobile phones. The statement is not supposed to imply that mobile learning cannot have an approach to contents. …
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E-Commerce. The Advantages of Global Education
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"E-Commerce. The Advantages of Global Education"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that global education is a perspective in education arising from the notion of the contemporary people’s interactions and lives in the ever escalating globalized world. As such, it assists greatly in providing learners with the competencies as well as the opportunities aimed at reflecting and sharing of an individual’s role and an individual’s point of view within the world. In the same point of view, the society is subjected to interconnection and to comprehend this, it is essential that a discussion to point out flaws in variables such as; common social relationships, which are in nature very complex, economic, ecological and political issues, be engaged towards deriving new acting as well as thinking ways. Mobile learning is a contemporary virtue university whose intentions are to offer courses in an eLearning setting to students across the world. Many of the eLearning courses are particularly offered making use of the web only but global education is aimed at making easy access learning irrespective of the location. Global education has a marketing statement which imparts a message that not all can access a computer on a regular basis but presence of mobile phones plays a huge role thereby proving to be important. As such, Global education has an objective of offering eLearning courses that can be easily assessed through internet enabled mobile phones through bite size chunks and paid on the basis of, as you go. However, it should not be considered as an approach that every person should accept without being critical towards it. This is because; there exist tensions, dilemmas, different perceptions as well as doubts in the process of education usually evidenced in dealing with issues in regard to globalization (Schniederjans, & Cao, 2002). Thesis Statement In the light of the contemporary as well as the expected changes in mobile phones, this paper will provide a report on the global education feasibility in implementation of this ideology. Strengths and challenges of the proposed idea The strength on eLearning using a mobile phone usually lies in the aspect of the communication approach rather than an approach pertaining to contents (Ryu, & Parsons, 2008). As such, the statement is not intended to cause confusion, as it is not supposed to imply that mobile learning cannot have an approach to contents. Technologies within the mobile industry will at the moment as well as in the future tend to be made use of with a content approach but it must be pinpointed out that, mobile learning real advantages lie in the domain of communication (Shah, & Clarke, 2009). As compared to computers, mobile phones are cheaper and very easy to maintain. Due to the current wave of superiority battle among the mobile companies, more and more hi-tech devices are being made and brought into the market at fair prices such that, any person with the money and has the willingness to buy, can afford. As such, this will make the idea of eLearning using mobile phones more easily as it is through the phone that one can sign up or register for a course in any online college which has been accredited and access the learning materials available in those accredited schools (Tsang, Simon, & Victor, 2010) . Learning materials access is made easy by the fact that one can download various files such as pdfs and Microsoft word documents or even reading those documents while still in an online mode (Fred, & North central University, 2008). Again, mobile phones are easy to maintain in the notion of service charges. Using the mobile internet is cheap as it is uses compressed form of browsers. In respect to the access of internet using a computer, it requires one to sacrifice huge amounts of money to set up a continuous source of internet as well as maintaining that internet flow (Quinn, 2011(a). Still, it is an ideal thing that mobile phone ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "E-Commerce. The Advantages of Global Education" is quite popular among the assignments in college. Still, this text opens a brand new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the style for my own research.
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