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International cooperation and cyber crimes: facing modern consequences - Essay Example

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The sudden acceleration of technology during previous years undermined the primary purpose of technology as life-saver through its borderless nature and leaves the people groping in the dark.Because of the anonymity and excessive freedom through the internet,it has become the breeding ground of the new age criminals. …
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International cooperation and cyber crimes: facing modern consequences
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Download file to see previous pages The sudden acceleration of technology during previous years undermined the primary purpose of technology as life-saver through its borderless nature and leaves the people groping in the dark.Because of the anonymity and excessive freedom through the internet, it has become the breeding ground of the new age criminals. This is not just a problem in the countries where technology is highly accessible, but also with nations who practically belong to the third world. The borderless nature of the internet has become both a boon and bane for the modern world. Some nations have independent laws which they exercise but were not effective because of juridical issues. International cooperation is eyed as an efficient solution for cybercrime because of its technology and people-oriented nature, but alongside with these, there are technical, juridical, and ethical challenges which the cooperation has to address. Cybercrimes and its Classifications The fast-paced change of modern technology allows the definition of cybercrime to evolve; yet maintaining the idea of crimes committed using the internet affecting network relationships. In the book called The Internet Encyclopedia, Bidgoli (2004, p.326), defined cyber crime as the "criminal acts committed by the way of computer networks (especially the Internet) that can be accomplished while sitting at a computer keyboard" where the most common would be the "unauthorized access to computer files" (p.326). Rho however, reduced the definition into "an unlawful activity committed by a private individual in cyberspace." Such definition however, still encompassed Bigdoli's point of cyber crimes as crimes committed using the computer network. Cybercriminals are not confined with sexual assault through the internet, but of course with other offenses which a conventional criminal would do; only they have different means of conducting the crime. In cyber crime, proximity is not even a problem for perpetrators to invade the lives of people from the other side of the globe. Internet security is becoming popular nowadays in the emergence of such crimes, but ironically, the so-called security apparently is failing to do its purpose. It has been reported that after cyber crime has penetrated the internet, the problems related to it have been on the rise (Pilkington, 2009). In 2008, an estimated 265 million dollars was wasted because of cyber crimes; a popular scam would be on the order and delivery sites where products fail to reach the customer’s household but did not get any refund from the company (Pilkington, 2009). Luppicini and Adell (2009) coined three umbrella terms in which the different forms of cyber crimes are classified. These classifications are cybercrimes on property, cybercrimes against the person, and cybercrimes against the government. The first classification is a crime concentrated on illegal and unauthorized financial gain. Such classification would include the spam, identity theft (primarily to steal bank accounts), and cyber piracy. These are common types of cyber crimes in which ordinary people may encounter in their daily lives. Spams for example, appear as an ordinary email from charity, sweepstakes office, or even a 'private' message saying that someone has left their inheritance to a particular email user. In a survey conducted last 2007 by the Nucleus Research, "more than 90% of the email reaching corporate servers was spam" (Luppicini & Adell, 2009, p.577). Babu (2004) described this kind of cyber crime as "computer vandalism" where cyber criminals would eventually destroy cyber property and transmits harmful programs like malwares and viruses. On the other hand, cyber identity theft is the "online misappropriation of personal information for use in representing oneself as somebody else...for financial gain" (Luppicini & Adell, 2009, p.577). Identity theft excuses no one; whether the person is famous or not, rich or poor. As long as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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