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The paper will describe how the B2B system can be effectively implemented in the pastry business. The web services are widely used as a B2B method in modern business houses. The application of web services enables organizations to meet their various technical needs in the supply chain…
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Business to Business Technologies
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Business to Business
Today, most of the established companies across the globe practice Business to Business (B2B) technologies with intent to enhance the speed and accuracy of their business transactions. In the opinion of Lytras et al (452), applications that modern businesses use involve B2B technologies like web services, integration brokers, and ESB’s. The following part of the paper will describe how B2B system can be effectively implemented in pastry business.
The web services are widely used as a B2B method in modern business houses in order to take advantages of the highly developed technologies. The application of web services enables organizations to meet its various technical needs in the supply chain. It helps firms to settle their bills without much time lags and clerical efforts. The most fascinating application of web services is that it can easily adjust with recent technological as well as market changes. The traditional business management systems largely depended on the human oriented business to business dealings. On the other hand, the introduction of new web services techniques has substituted traditional business strategies with high quality technologies in order to satisfy the varying business perspectives. Andam’s report (2003) reflects that and are some of the common examples of companies using B2C concept (UNDP). The effective application of integration brokers facilitates the rapid movement of data both inside and outside the frame of the organization. It is recommended that uninterrupted flow of data in-between different business points are necessary to perform the organizational activities smoothly. Similarly, it is identified that systematic employment of integration brokers in B2B transactions would aid the firms to reduce supply chain costs. Naturally, the reduced supply chain costs will lead the company to increased profitability. Wal-Mart is the best example that uses web services in B2B dealings. This system helps the Wal-Mart to cut their various working costs to a large extent. Since the recent past, Business to Consumer or B2C concept has been widely used by almost all organizations regardless their nature and size. Kurtz (135) says that B2C websites are categorized into two such as shopping sites and information sites. The most important application of B2C technique is that it can be effectively employed in reducing efforts associated with sales procedures; shopping sites are the necessary ingredients of this application. The busy schedule of modern life restricts people from finding enough time for shopping activities and thereby they wish to get goods and services in minimum time at less expense. Since the credit card-using prepaid delivery system simplifies the business transactions and gives access to people worldwide, nowadays majority customers prefer this choice. The pastry business must also arrange distribution vehicles in order to deliver the placed orders. Similarly, B2C concept can be usefully employed by the pastry company as a promotional marketing technique with the use of information sites which can provide product information. This innovative technique is the best channel to conduct marketing campaigns as it enables customers to differentiate variety products on the basis of customers’ varying requirements. A well designed B2C process would assist the company to conduct online market surveys which would give them better information on market trends.
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