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Container Shipping and Chinese Stability - Essay Example

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The intention of this study is to describe the background behind the container shipping industry in China. Furthermore, the current paper will discuss some of the topical aspects and specify the most actual current perspectives of China’s shipping industry development…
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Container Shipping and Chinese Stability
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Download file to see previous pages A positive development and a spread of container-based shipping industry are supported by its ability to provide different countries in-time with required goods. This industry has made China a rapidly industrialised country. Still, there are several uncovered issues in the container-based shipping industry. Currently, China is rapidly developing as the world’s leader on several fronts. The mechanisms of China’s enrichment evoke a vivid discussion among modern experts, researchers and scientists. Figure 1 China in the world maritime economy. This figure shows the Chinese contribution to 6 key areas of world economic and maritime activity. (Stopford 2007, p.2) Container shipping operates out the general society’s sight. That’s why this ‘secret’ industry is interesting for the modern society. ...
Nearly 75% of international cargo volume is involved in shipping industry. China is on the upswing and shipping industry in this country is a rapidly developing industry. It is a well-known fact that China is steadily moving to position itself as the world’s greatest power (Stopford 2007) . Consequently, the development of a potential country-world leader and shipping industry, which is responsible for the major part of trade operations in the international market, makes this research relevant to the field of China’s economy. Different aspects of China’s development, social peculiarities, influence of EU regulations on shipping in China makes a context of the study rather complicated. Nevertheless, it is relevant to conduct the research on the basis of available literary sources and empirical data from recent studies. Background of Chinese shipping industry development China is economically fortunate, because of its geographical position and abundant shipping resources. Nearly 40% of Chinese workers live near coastal regions, the GDP in the country increases 50% and the shipping sector carries out 80% of national import and export activities (Talley 2000). Figure 2 Chinese imports and exports activity steadily increasing (Stopford 2007, p.5) Starting from 1970s, China’s shipping industry has been steadily developing under conditions of continuous development of international trade. International shipping operations are the most relevant operations and well-known on the international arena for China’s business partners. Current perspectives of China’s shipping industry development International cooperation opens impressive perspectives for China.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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