The Natural Environment Stakeholders And Policy - Essay Example

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Considerable number of public intellectuals and academics has voiced their concern regarding increasing complications and challenges in sustaining environment. The problem of environmental sustainability is brought about by overuse of the available natural resources. …
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The Natural Environment Stakeholders And Policy
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Download file to see previous pages Population increase and other social issues have been associated with the current over-reliance on natural resources in some geographical areas. Some scholars have as well linked environmental degradation with increased social and political inequality. The competition for the available natural resources between powerful people and poor people in the society has increased the level of environmental degradation and social inequality. Therefore, powerful people use the wealth and power to eliminating poor people from using the available natural resources thus increasing social inequality. Based on the available statistical information, it is clear that, environmental degradation have resulted to detrimental social effects thus destroying public spirit and social fabric (Yearley 2005, p. 93). Based on the available statistical information and research findings, I am on the perspective that environmental sustainability in modern society has resulted to social inequality. This therefore means that, there is close relationship between environmental sustainability and social inequality. Environmental degradation and lack of effective measures to sustain the environment has caused inequality in human development both between countries and within a country. On the other hand, some scholars have as well argued that, inequality in the society have advanced modern environmental unsustainabilty. This therefore means that, there is vicious circle between environmental sustainability and inequality where one scenario may result to another. Professionals and organisation that are concerned with human inequality should therefore consider environment unsustainabilty in their policy formulation and implementation. On the other hand, since there is a bi-directional link between environmental sustainability and inequality, to realise the best from their policies, environmentalists should as well consider the impact of social and economic inequality to the environment (Stead & Stead 2009, p. 37). Over years, the issue of global environmental sustainability have attracted wide recognition and debate from global leaders, teachers, scientists, university students, citizens, and journalists. The biosphere has as well placed a very significant burden to humankind that is aimed at ensuring that the environment is effectively protected in order to eliminate social and economic inequality. The issues of environmental sustainability have therefore led to the formation of global organisations such as UNEP that are mandated with the responsibility of introducing effective means of dealing with modern environmental challenges. Global leaders have as well organised numerous global conferences to design policy that will ensure global environmental sustainability (Sutton 2007, p. 67). As defined, environmental sustainability is the ability to identify and maintain aspects and quality that are valued in physical environment. In most cases, the issue of sustainability emerges when valued objects, processes, systems, and attributes are under threat of extinction. Facilitating society members to do things that can satisfy their economic and social needs is one of the most essential aspects that define human development. Therefore, inequality is defined as lack of freedom and capability of attaining one’s social, economic, and political needs and demands. The subsequent essay will therefore address the issue of environmental sustainability and inequality in contemporary society Description of Environment Unsustainabilty and Social Inequality The issues of the relationship between environmental unsustainabilty and modern social and econom ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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