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Recruitment, Training and Selection Questionnaire (Name of Institution) Introduction As noted in Chapter 1, LVMH Company is a multinational company with an employee base of over 100,000. The study also has a base on human resource management activities that revolve around selection, training and recruitment…
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Recruitment, Training and Selection Questionnaire
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Download file to see previous pages This section therefore seeks to create a questionnaire based on all the objectives as was mentioned in chapter 1. In light of that, the section will come up with a collection of 10-15 questions in a questionnaire specified to highlight the company position on selection, training and recruitment. The content of the questions will seek to exploit the three aims and objectives as stipulated earlier on as well as verifying the statement of purpose. There will also be an analytical look at the questionnaire through a discussion and relation to the obtained objectives and discussions. Variables of success will be discussed based on the analysis as obtained from the analysis and in relationship with the universal conducts as stipulated in Human Resource management. This will give rise to the findings that are supposed to be implemented by the company. Questionnaire-The Recruitment, Selection and Training of LVMH As stated, the questionnaire will make a focus on the important areas of study. The questionnaire will gauge whether the employees were recruited through a competitive selection process or whether there were any intermediaries in the whole process. After being hired, what specific types of training are done, if any and what values are added to the employees in these trainings. There is also a test on the effects of new technology on the employees in improving the productivity of the company. The employee response to the satisfaction achieved as a result of adapting the trainings received as well as the motivation that is added to their valuable human resource ability (Jeffrey, 2011 ). As a result of the data collected from such surveys, the human resource department is able to collect information that will be used in the formulation of policies. These policies will be used to rectify the weaknesses that may be involved in low performance at that stage in the company. This questionnaire is based on an interview carried out on a sample of 30 employees of LVMH Company representation. The same questionnaire was administered on employees from the different departments and the aim was to get the effectiveness of the process of recruitment, training and selection of all employees regardless of the company position. The questionnaire was carried out in France, headquarter of the company. This is because of the high representation of employees in the country. The country does not also have a uniform human resource endowment based on the classes of people and the results will therefore be a possible representation of all the regions of presence. Based on the information needed, the focus was both on primary and secondary data. The secondary data was collected from academic journals, books and other online sources that were relevant to the study. The primary data was collected from direct association with employees and they were to answer closed ended questions (Jeffrey, 2011 ). A collection of 14 questions collected from 30 respondents therefore becomes the basis of this chapter. The questionnaire that was conducted took the form of the questions below: 1. How was your potentiality and eventual recruitment to this company generated? Through; a) Direct applications b) Placement consultants c) Job portals d) Employee referrals e) Head hunting f) Any other (please specify) 2. How many rounds of technical interviews were carried out on you? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) More than 3 3. Did you get any buddy mentor who helped you adapt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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