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Individual Authentic Journey Report - Essay Example

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Individual Authentic Journey Report (Name) (Institution) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Background of the Report 4 Report Aims and Objectives 4 Scope and of the Report 5 Limitations of the Report 5 Justification of methodology undertaken 5 Structure of the Report 6 Discussion 6 Life Story 6 Self Awareness 6 My Leadership Values 8 Humility 8 Discipline 9 Hard Working 9 Honesty 10 Risk 11 The Motivating Factors in my Life 12 Conclusion 13 Smart Objectives 14 Weaknesses and Measures to Deal with them 14 Procrastination 14 Increased Effectiveness to Working Under Pressure 15 Future Recommendations in my Growth as an Authentic Leader 15 Bibliography 17…
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Individual Authentic Journey Report
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Download file to see previous pages Authentic Leadership Report Introduction Background of the Report During the recent economic crisis, the disillusioned global audience was witness to an economic crisis of global proportions as the greed exhibited by some of the world’s economic leaders as they attempted to make more money for themselves in collusion with various private enterprises set in motion the unprecedented collapse of most of the world’s financial systems. This economic crisis could have been averted if the leaders entrusted with the momentous responsibility of managing these major corporations had conducted themselves in an honest and integral manner as opposed to the avarice and greed that they exhibited. By conducting this authentic leadership study upon myself, I will be able to improve my own transparency as well strengthen my overall accountability by following the recommendations of the findings that will be laid out in this report. This will help in causing me to develop my capabilities and evolve from being a leader whose leadership only extends to the success of the company’s bottom line to one who is able to aptly confront the various societal and organizational challenges and the various public policy issues in a manner that can be perceived to be both integral and honest. By cultivating these qualities, I hope to be able to transform myself into the image of a leader who is capable of repairing the damaged relationship that exists between the corporate world and the general public. By doing this I will be able to restore, hope, meaningfulness, confidence, optimism and resilience to both sides of the divide. Report Aims and Objectives The Sole Purpose of my undertaking this authentic leadership research was so as to enable me establish my intrinsic leadership qualities as well as formulate a plan that will enable me further develop myself into a better leader. With the recent global economic crisis and especially with the collapse of some of the world’s major corporations such as Enron corporation and the Lehman brothers Holdings Inc, there has been a somewhat tremendous loss of confidence by the general public in the capabilities of the leaders in some of the world’s major corporations. Scope and of the Report The scope of the study will be mainly concentrated on relating several incidences that will serve to highlight various attributes that serve to portray me as being an authentic leader. The study will draw on my previous life experiences as well as reference several books. Limitations of the Report As a result of my being both the participant and the researcher, it might be difficult for me to assume the position of “Bird’s eye view” while conducting the research. To effectively counter this, I will endeavor to ensure that I maintain objectivity in conducting the research project (Magolda, Creamer and Meszaros, 2010). Justification of methodology undertaken The methodology of this report is mainly derived from using autoethnography. Autoethnography is a form ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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