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Business Personnel and Human Resource Management - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Business Personnel and Human Resource Management TASK 1 A. Explain the difference between personnel and human resource management and discuss the HRM function in terms of its contribution to organizational purpose. Every business has its Personnel and Human Resource Management plans which help it in their operation…
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Business Personnel and Human Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages Human resource management is the management that helps in the recruitment, selection, training and development of workers in an organization to get members who can work towards achieving the goal of the organization (Aswathappa, 2005:5). Although personnel management and human resource management may seem to be the same, the difference is that personnel management deals entirely with the workforce while human resource management deals with the resources (Pangarkar, 2008:17). The organizational purpose of a company depends majorly on the human resource management. An organization that lacks good and organized human resource cannot achieve its goal. Human resource management is important because it is the management that deals with the recruitment of the workers, without which the purpose of the company cannot be achieved. If there is lack of the workforce, then the organization would not achieve its goal. It is the human resource management that deals with the selection of the newly recruited workers, to ensure the workers work in the fields that they can deliver their duties well. The human resource management also organizes for training to the workers to ensure they gain knowledge. The processes of recruiting selection and training of workers, all which lie under human resource management work towards accomplishing the goal of an organization; thus, human resource management have an important impact on the purpose of an organization (Weber, 2008.:51). B. Access the role and responsibilities of a line manager in the Google Company The Google Company is a company formed with the aim of making it easy for people to search for anything from the web. It is a site that understands everything that anyone searches and gives back exactly what people need. Google, being a company like any other has its organizational structure which helps in its daily operation. A line manager is the manager who is closer to the workers, who deals with the issues brought to them by employees or teams and is responsible for a higher level of management for the employees (CIPD, 2013). Line managers are responsible for daily management of workers and issues affecting them. The line manager in this company is the one who manages the operational costs of the company through accessing the company’s operational expenses. Line managers should also provide technical training to the workers. They induce the workers to the job through organizing for trainings in the various job fields in the company. A line manager has the responsibility if allocating the work to different workers to ensure that the right person attends the right duty. It is also their duty to supervise the progress of the work in the company, to check for any failures in delivery of duty by the workers. They also monitor the quality of the work done to ensure that the company meets and maintains its standards. Customers in a given field of business have their needs and desires that need to be addressed. Responsibly, the line manager responds to the needs and complaints of the clients effectively to aid in realization of organizational golas. All these duties of the line manager focus on ensuring a successful progress on the company; thus it is the duty of the line manager to measure the performance of all the operations (Weber, 2008:73). C. Examine the organizational environment that impacts the HRM function in your organization, outlining the impacts of legal and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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