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Innovation as a tool of brand sustainability: A study on the mobile phone industry - Dissertation Example

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Innovation as a tool of brand sustainability: A study on the mobile phone industry. Abstract Mobile phones used to be considered a device of luxury and a symbol of richness in the 1980s. However, the concept has changed since the twenty-first century. Avid consumerism has driven mobile phones into common households…
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Innovation as a tool of brand sustainability: A study on the mobile phone industry
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Extract of sample "Innovation as a tool of brand sustainability: A study on the mobile phone industry"

Download file to see previous pages Innovation is the key to success and sustainability for the firms in any industry, and it is not any different for the mobile phone industry. This study focuses on the aspect that innovation acts as a tool to brand sustainability. The researcher has conducted primary as well as secondary research in order to gather information to check the validity of this statement. Various studies made in the past have been consulted to find that brand image is polished through innovative actions made by the firms. The primary data is collected with the help of structured questionnaire with 100 users of mobile phones in the UK. The study focuses on the two biggest competitors in the market for mobile phones, Apple and Samsung. Quantitative method of data collection has been applied to collect primary data and the data has been analysed through the method of descriptive statistics, using the percentile method. The results also shed light on the phenomenon that innovation by the mobile companies enhances customer satisfaction which in turn leads to the development of strong customer loyalty. Table of Contents 1.Introduction 4 Rationale for study 6 Research objective 9 Research questions 9 2.Literature review 10 Branding life cycle 12 Innovation and customer’s satisfaction 13 Process of Rejuvenation through innovative developments 15 Downside: Importance of maintaining balance between brand sustainability and innovation 16 Combining innovation with leadership 18 3.Research methodology 21 Research Design 21 Justification of Methodology 21 Sampling 25 Questionnaire survey 25 Method of data analysis 26 Ethical consideration 28 4.Findings and analysis 30 Findings from Customers Questionnaire Survey 30 5.Conclusion and Recommendations 38 References 41 Appendix 46 1. Introduction Mobile phones nowadays have become an inevitable part of civilization and have touched almost all facets of human life. In the 1980s this device used to be considered a symbol of richness, but, nowadays it has become a common gadget for the masses (McLeod, 2009; Goggin, 2006). Avid consumerism has driven mobile phones into common households within a very short time span in the 2000 (Gabriel and Lang, 2006). Communication with friends and family has become easier with the penetration of cell phones in common day-to-day life (Yeow, Yuen and Connolly, 2008, Fox, 2013). But the benefits of this device have not been merely restricted to communicating with near ones (Ling, 2004). It has entered the business forum and has opened easier and cheaper channels of conducting business. Besides mobile phones also plays a significant part of the entertainment industry starting from enabling the users to listen to audio and video recordings to play games and surf the internet on a mobile device. Cell phones have brought a revolution in the system of the society in which people belong and act. In the last decade incredible innovations in the cell phone industry have been catalysed by “consumer demand for smaller, lighter and cheaper mobile phones” (Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, 2012) that can support a huge range of applications installed in a single device. In this competitive environment brands race with one another to grab the advantage rendered by innovation. Innovation is a strong force that can pull brands ahead of industry competitors. Brands that can beat their competitors through innovation expect to gain more sales and get greater share of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Innovation As a Tool of Brand Sustainability: A Study on the Mobile Dissertation.
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