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Business : Industry Management - Assignment Example

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Industry Management Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Week 1 Communication Communication is a very wide phenomenon affecting various entities of today’s social, political and work based events. Apparently, it takes a great deal of incorporations for a message to be fully conveyed…
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Business Assignment: Industry Management
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Download file to see previous pages Communication involves a complete cycle, without which the intentions of sending a message will have been compromised (George, 2003, p. 99). At the end of the communication endeavour, regardless of the separation in time and distance, communication will only involve a complete sequence when the sender understands the message. Self-Reflection on Communication The success in any company, regardless of its nature and size, has to be based on the quality of communication skills. Taking an instance where I am the managing director of McDonald’s, I would have to incorporate several strategies in the event of communicating to my employees. Taking, for instance, my New Year welcoming speech, I would have all of the employee fraternity in an auditorium where I would conveniently address them. First, I would begin with congratulation statements that reflect on the New Year. To capture their attention, I would not use a cliche based introductory statement that they are used to. This is in the perspective of using statements such as ‘Good Morning and Happy New Year, this day marks an important...’; instead, I would use a captivating sentence based on a new idea, one that they have never heard from me before: ‘...let me begin by congratulating you all for crossing over to this New Year. Setting and keeping to our consequent goals involve more than a mere discipline...’ This means that my statement will have to be original or at least with a sense of seriousness and command in it. Employees know the power in an icon in any business environment. This calls for uniqueness and lack of predictability in my position, without which they would pay no or minimal attention to my speech. Learning Outcomes From this reflection, I would have a feeling of panic since it is a new idea being tried on the employees and their acceptance cannot be determined. Adapting to new ideas on the communication basis could be acceptable and realistic but also challenging. For this reason, confidence in the strategy introduced and the new mode of communication are the only attitude that I have to employ and ensure that all employees appreciate the changes. When all this is employed, I am certain of positive feedback from all the individuals and that continued exploration into better ways of communication would enhance all aspects of great understanding. Week 2 Teamwork Teamwork is when different associates in an organization or a business perform different tasks with each doing their part perfectly, hence resulting in efficiency of the entire business phenomenon. Teamwork can be identified in ten different team working processes although they are divided into three large categories. These three categories include transition processes (mission analysis, goal specification, strategy formulation), action processes (monitoring progress toward goals, systems monitoring, team monitoring, backup behaviour, and coordination) and interpersonal processes (conflict management, motivation and confidence building and effect management). It is important for an organization management to ensure perfect relationship among its workforce since it has been proven that teamwork performance is always the best when associated individuals have a good relation (Blande, 2006, p. 101). Self-Reflection on Teamwork While working at McDonald’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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