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Transition from Traditional Static Internet/Intranet to Social Media and Social Networks - Essay Example

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Report: Transition from Traditional Static Internet/Intranet to Social Media and Social Networks Executive Summary The report below aims at explaining the use of traditional internet/intranet and social media and social networks. The report has also explained about the shift which has taken place from the traditional networks to the social networks…
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Transition from Traditional Static Internet/Intranet to Social Media and Social Networks
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Extract of sample "Transition from Traditional Static Internet/Intranet to Social Media and Social Networks"

Download file to see previous pages The only action required is to effectively manage the obstacles to maximize opportunities and benefits. Introduction Use of networking is very important for the companies to stay connected with its customers along with this also promote for its products and goods in the market. For a business to function in an effective manner, they have been using making use of varied networks. The businesses have been making use of the traditional networks for the purpose of performing its business operations (Bidgoli 2003). Over the years, with a change in working patterns and structure of the market enterprises have tried newer methods for building networks in the market. The traditional network aims at ensuring that the company is able to market its products and goods to the customers. The changed market scenario has made it very important for the companies that they are able to provide good link between all the members of the supply chain in order to compete with the competitors (Lan and Unhelkar 2005). With the increasing competition in the market it has become very important for the companies to make use of modern technologies in order to sustain the competition in the industry. ...
The basic focus of the report is to help the company in taking the right decision about its networks strategy. As a counselor the main intention is to develop such a framework which effectively connects the theoretical and practical functioning of the frameworks. The discussion will be helpful in deriving meaningful conclusions which can be used by the company for taking its decision regarding the network strategy (Kenneth 2010). Along with this, the recommendations offered in the report will clarify the steps which can be taken by the enterprise for ensuring effective transformation from the traditional networks to the social networks and social media. In the following repot, the focus has been on explaining the transformation from the traditional networks towards the social media and social networks. For this purpose, the report inculcates the introduction and use of traditional mediums in the organization. Further the report also gives a brief overview of the social media and social networks and its increasing role in sustaining in the competitive industry. Also the report has highlighted the complete process of transformation which has taken place from the traditional networks to the social networks and social media. The benefit and opportunities which a company is able to get by switching towards the social media and social networks are also discussed in detail. Along with benefits the obstacles which are faced also need to highlight in order to increase awareness amongst companies. The companies planning to undertake transformation need to create such a balance between the between the benefit and obstacles that the former overweighs the latter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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