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This particular study will focus on the business planning of Starbucks on the global prospective. The opportunity and threats towards the US and new market in global prospective are described properly. …
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Business plan: Starbucks
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Download file to see previous pages It is very true that for grabbing an opportunity in an international market there are many factors are involved in the process. This paper has given the ultimate options for integrated marketing communications, positioning, marketing mix and market entry methods for the new global market. The unconventional selling approaches are also described to show the shift of paradigm in the field of café business in the global market. Starbucks is the chosen brand. And the paper will try to find out the best possible way to succeed in the domestic and global market. In this paper the chosen MNC is the Starbucks Corporation. The paper focuses on the new market opportunities in many different markets in the world. Different processes of international marketing and market entry methods are described intensely. The scope of international marketing is also mentioned properly.
Brief about the MNC:
Starbucks Corporation, once a small Coffee shop started by three friends in USA has become the biggest coffee shop chain in the world within four decades. In the recent time the Starbucks has become one of the most successful brands in the world. The wise international marketing strategy has shown the right path to this coffee shop giant. The long and successful journey of Starbucks started in the year of 1971 on 29th March. The first store was open in Seattle at Pike Place market and the store was located in the Harbor Heights Hotel (Burks. 2009. p. 1). The flagship store was opened by three friends and they were Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl and jerry Baldwin. However, within few decades with the successful international marketing approaches the Starbucks became a cafe giant in the world. In the recent time it has existence in 47 countries with more than 16500 locations (Burks. 2009. p. 1). Within a short span of time it has become a global brand and in most of the overseas countries it is a very successful chain of coffee shops. In the present time Starbucks has become a part of daily routine for many individuals globally. SWOT analysis: Before the starting of any business activities in the new country or in a brand new market the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis is very important to understand the potentiality of the market. The SWOT analysis is having two factors, one is the internal factors and another one is the external factors. The internal factors are totally dependent on the company itself and the external factor comes from the market. Starbucks must do this analysis for the successful business globally. Different countries have different market factors. But, the market opportunity as well as threats is always there. For Starbucks the most important factor should be to nullify the threats and grabbing all the opportunities in the global market. Strength: The main strength of the Starbucks in the international market is the strong branding and positive image for which the customers in every country ready to pay high price for the premium quality coffee. Another strength is the vast expansion and acquisition strategy in the global market (Boone and Kurtz. 2009. p, 364). Weakness: The weakness is an inevitable fact for most of the organizations. For Starbucks one of the main weaknesses is opening up large number of stores which are not required in that specific area or market and also sometime not giving any attentions towards the better design of the stores (Boone and Kurtz. 2009. p, 364). Opportunity: opportunity is always there within every market or in every geographical location. However, the economic and environmental factors such as market growth, introduction of online marketing , presence of website in which Starbucks sells its products etc. the online marketing has given a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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