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Organisations and Behaviour - Essay Example

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Jill Thompson’s proposal to decentralize the rules and procedures for Bosco Plastics will work depending on certain conditions. First, there will be a need to have a meeting with all employees and inform them that they will be taking instructions from their departmental managers. …
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Organisations and Behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages First, there will be a need to have a meeting with all employees and inform them that they will be taking instructions from their departmental managers. Given that this is a deviation from the norm, employees may take time to adjust to the rules. As such, she should inform the departmental managers to arrange for a meeting with their departmental employees and chat a way forward together. When people have gotten used to following given rules and procedure, waking up one day and changing such rules and procedures could cause negative ripple effects. For the plans to work, sitting down together and identifying that there is a problem would be the first step to get employees to be more open minded to the formulation of new procedures. Involving employees in the formulation of the new policies serves to make sure that their opinions about the new rule and procedure are taken into account. This way, employees will feel that the new procedures have not been imposed on them but a product of their collective decision making and consensus. The managers should also give their departmental employees opportunity to express their opinions about regulations that they perceive as controversial. After that they should take time to explain to them why there is a need to have such regulations. Even so, decentralization for the rules should also leave room for employees to seek the indulgence of a higher office if they feel that they issues are not being addressed either fairly or elaborately at the departmental level. This way, making a transition from the old culture and restructuring the organization will be easy. It is vital to note that attempting to make the above changes without involving the employees may impact negatively on the organization (Kaiser, 2008, p. 104). Department managers will come up with various rules and procedures. As it emerged during the time that Jill Thompson took an evaluative walk around the company, there were several issues that need to be solved. First, the fact that repairing time has been left flexible to run between 8:00am and 10:00, production supervisors’ work has been made seemingly hard. It is hard for them to work with employees who may get to work at 10:00 and choose to leave for lunch at 11:00. This is because there is no ample time for doing anything productively significant. Probably the consequences of the old regulations were that production supervisors ended up doing so much work. This is because they have to be at work by 8:00pm for those employees who report at that time and stay as late as 7:00pm to be with those who reported to work at 10:00am. It is also possible that on some days they have had to take up the work they are mean to be supervising when employees who report at 10:00am chose to go for lunch at 11:00. As such, department managers may chat a way forward and come up with rules that ensure there is uniformity in time management. This way, flow of traffic in and out of the company will be tamed, giving production supervisors ample time to finish processes initiated and improving production and performance. Evaluation procedures are also likely to change depending on specialty. For instance, the research and development people may have a revised schedule for their evaluation as opposed to the unpopular monthly evaluation. Evaluation for other departments will depend on the nature of their specialization. When such rules have been adjusted, the departments that will be more formalized will be research and development department and production department. This is because the most notable problems emanated from the two departments. Such restructuring will help improve performance and morale of the workers. Reasonable evaluation period with also motivate employees ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organisations and Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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