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Strategic issues management: a comprehensive guide to environmental scanning - Assignment Example

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Date Disney Responsibility Audi Report Business practices by my chosen organization Introduction A method, procedure, process, or rule employed or followed by a company in the pursuit of its objectives. Business practice may also refer to the components above mentioned collectively…
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Strategic issues management: a comprehensive guide to environmental scanning
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Download file to see previous pages Due to the breadth of their client base, they understand and take seriously the potential for real or perceived conflicts of interest, which may result from their diverse business activities (Connell 2001). Internal environment of Disney This company operates in an environment, which is quite challenging internally while also hostile in the external environment. The internal environment of Disney consists of a set of factors, conditions or elements within the operations of the business, which are directly controlled by the top management. The middle level management of the business actualizes the actual business activities (Stoffels 2004). The reason of actualizing the internal factor environment is to ensure that the life of the business is shaped and the continued existence of the business are geared towards the attainment of the goals and objectives of the business. The internal business activities to help attain these goals include the involvement and the development of the staff whereby Disney has embarked on initiation of a variety of activities to motivate the staff, develop them in terms of the relevant skill for their jobs, enhancing effective communication tools and effective relevant organizational change as they come. The managers of Disney have realized that for the company to be successful they have to get the best out of their staff hence they have embarked on this aspect as apriority (Restrictive Business Practices, 2007). This is because a motivated staff is claimed to be able to achieve ten times more than an unmotivated staff, also, if a client meets and employees of the company it is a fact that they have actually met the company itself. Disney therefore tries to make the employees feel that they are valued and posses a high degree of autonomy through an attractive employee packages and free and flexible working environment. In addition to this, the company helps the employees to be in a position that they are able to identify themselves with the customers (Murphy 2005). The company is also striving to develop their customers by recommending most of them to conferences both locally and abroad, they offer training and retraining programs to bust on the skills and knowhow of all their employees so that they unlock the potential of their employees (Stoffels 2004). Disney conducts both formal and on the job training, for their employees and they make the same employees understand the benefits that they are likely to derive from such trainings professionally through the raised skills. Furthermore, the company has realized the need for better communication as a way of helping their employees feel valued at work hence Disney uses a mix of communication tools such as team briefings, newsletters and direct communication while encouraging feedback. This is to help break down the “them and us” culture, which was fast gaining pace in the organization (Restrictive Business Practices, 2007). The elements of the business internal environment activities within Disney constitute the internal environmental factors. Essentially, they incorporate are the employee attitudes, new equipment, processes, strategy, work environment, etc, which are encapsulated in the strengths and weaknesses of the business and of which the business has controls (Lawson 2003). Through the analysis of the internal business components such as its management, finance, production and human resource, Disney has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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