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Research of Excellent Fruit Juice Co - Essay Example

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Table of Contents 9.0 References 15 List of Abbreviations Ed- Edited ed- edition ERP- Enterprise Resource Program KPMG- Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler LIAS- Local Innovation Award Scheme UK- United Kingdom 1.0 Introduction Excellent Fruit Juice Co. is a public company that would be established in April 2013…
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Research of Excellent Fruit Juice Co
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Download file to see previous pages This business plan is comprised of company description. Company description informs the stakeholders and readers of products produced by the company and where it is situated among others. Third chapter is industry analysis, where it covers trends in the food and drink industry. Fourth chapter is a marketing plan, where it describes the target market, sales objectives, promotion activities and marketing strategy among other key areas. Fifth chapter is about operations. In this chapter, the company highlights and explains where it will source its fruits, plant and equipment as well as production process. Sixth chapter states company’s structures and the number of employees needed in each department. The last chapter; financial plan indicates the amount of money it is required to start and operate the business in the first year. It also indicates where these funds would be sourced and how it would be applied to enable the company attain its objectives 2.0 Company Description Excellent Fruit Juice Co. (EFJC) is a public company, which produce fresh fruit juice and fruit juice. It will begin its operations in April 2013 and would be headquartered in Newcastle, North of England. Its core business is to produce both fresh fruit juice and fruit juice from a variety of fresh fruits available in the UK. Some of the key fruits to be used in the production process are oranges, lemons, melons, pineapple, mangoes and berries among others. The founder of the company Mr. Jones Cook would be chief operating officer. The company intends to produce 100% natural products, which are safe and in variety of flavors in a bid to exploit the fresh fruit market and enhance nutrition for its consumers Furthermore, the company intends to be one of the fastest growing in UK and other parts of Europe. It would acquire and build outstanding fruit juice plant to meet fruit juice and smoothie needs of the people of Newcastle and its surroundings 2.1 Managing Stakeholders Expectations Table 1: Stakeholders’ Mapping using company’s stakeholder interest and influence matrix Ricart (2005 p. 100) explains that managing expectations of key stakeholders involves stakeholder mapping. Therefore, the company would manage its expectations so as to reduce potential conflicts. The company uses stakeholder interest and influence matrix to map its stakeholders. Employees and Government are the most important stakeholders of the company. Employees influence the company through their action and benefit from the company by receiving salaries. On the other hand, government through legislation can influence company’s operations. The government is also interested in the health of it citizens and have increased scrutiny in food and drinks industry. Customers are interested in the products while suppliers are interested in marketing their supplies. However, they have low influence because they cannot control operations of the company because the company would easily switch to other suppliers if need arises. Donors exert control through regulation of funds to the company and are not necessarily interested in company’s outcome. Figure1: Balanced Scorecard of the company The above scorecard would help the company’s management have a fast compressive view of the companies (Phadtare 2011, P.72). 3.0 Industry Analysis Food and drink industry is critical for societal health and financial outcomes in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research of Excellent Fruit Juice Co Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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