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Launching Brazilian Carnival Coffee in the USA - Term Paper Example

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This term paper "Launching Brazilian Carnival Coffee in the USA"  will provide a table of contents 2 1.Country Choice 3 2.Product Launch Strategy 5 Channel Development 5 Marketing Campaign 6 3.Organizational Structure of the Company 7 4.Financial Management of the Launch…
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Launching Brazilian Carnival Coffee in the USA
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Extract of sample "Launching Brazilian Carnival Coffee in the USA"

Download file to see previous pages Talking in more broader terms, it can be said that from the benefits point of view, right from the early days of this decade, there has been a tremendous boom in technology with the evolution and widespread diffusion of internet connectivity which has significantly helped in the process of eliminating the difference arising from geographical barriers as well as regional time differences. This has automatically led to the rise in competition in various market places around the world, since the countries have become easily available to operate and work with, because of the high level of secured connectivity provided through the usage of various technological devices connected through the internet.

On the challenge perspective, it can be said that due to the ease of access to various countries around the globe, business organizations of various countries around the world are focusing on the process of expanding their business processes around the world and thereby achieve significant growth in the business process. Talking in that particular aspect, it can be said that the increasing interest of various multinational organizations around the world to enter in newer markets which provides significant growth potential in future is resulting to the opening of various markets by the process of lowering of interest rates, which is helping in attracting foreign investments in the emerging and newer markets. This factor along with various other economic, social and physical factors which are focused on the process of attracting investments is playing a direct role in the rise of challenges for operating in new environments and markets.

While talking about entering new markets, it can be said that there is a cultural factor that plays a major role in the process of determining the probability of success for a product in a particular market. Talking from the culture point of view, it can be said that as a result of the prolonged economic crisis of the West, which continues to hamper the economic prospects of US by the process of slowing of demand of products and services, the population of the US is focusing on working overtime as well as balancing multiple jobs in an attempt to manage their cost expenses as well as maintain their lifestyle in these challenging times (*). As a natural fact, the population of the US is highly dependent on a stimulating drink, which will help them in giving more output, and thereby will be the ability to increase individual productivity.

From the statistical aspect, it can be said that the US has a population of over 313,000,000 (, 2012). Talking in terms of defining coffee consumption trends in the US, it can be said that over 50% of the entire population of US is dependent on some variants of coffee, which makes up an essential part of their daily life (Harvard School of Public Health, 2009). The coffee consumption in the US has increased over 7% on a year on year basis in the year 2012 ( b, 2012). Apart from the realization of the various health-related benefits that coffee consumers get, the increase in coffee consumption in the US market can be further attached to the process of increased coffee intake of coffee consumers belonging to the Hispanic communities of the US (, 2012). Analyzing the country in terms of customs laws that will be applicable for the purpose of importing and international sourcing of coffee in the US, it can be said that there are no significant restrictions applicable for importing of coffee in the US. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Launching Brazilian Carnival Coffee in the USA" is quite popular among the tasks in high school. Still, this paper opens a new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the style for my own paper.

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