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Managing a Golf Business - Assignment Example

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Firstly the parameter of customization rendered in the Golf Club in the manner of supplying instruments that would fit the physical attributes of different individuals helped in attracting different people to the club. …
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Managing a Golf Business
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Download file to see previous pages Rendering of ‘Custom-Fitting’ equipments for the individual golfers rather than depending on ‘Off-the-Shelf’ technique helped the company gain on larger revenue margins. The ‘Off-the-Shelf’ clubs depended more on the custom of ‘One-Size-Fits-For-All’ that tended to affect customer interests and thereby affected profits and revenues earned. Secondly the dry summer months add to the strength of the company in significantly contributing to the turnovers of the firm. Thirdly the work atmosphere in the Professional Golf Club is also found to be quite amicable and prosperous for development of business relations. The work atmosphere is also found quite congenial in fostering an environment that would promote innovation and empowerment.
Firstly the current state of business affairs relating to the carrying out of the training operations of the Golf Professional Club is affected by the emergence of the winter and wet summer months. The business is affected owing to the wet outside soil restraining effective performance of golf training sessions.Such seasonal factors also happen to create obstacle to the optimal utilisation of the resources available with the Golf Club and thus restrain the effective meeting of customer care needs. Secondly the space rendered to carry out training activities indoors has also been seriously affected owing to unavailability of adequate space. Thus under-utilisation of the available space and resources coupled with bad weather and soil conditions contributed in weakening of the existing business conditions. Assessment of the Competition and the Market External Analysis of the Business Opportunities The demographic factors of the Mere Valley region render a host of opportunities for the Professional Golf Club to effectively thrive in the area. Mere Valley population consists of high income individuals and also composed of people from business backgrounds possessing a passion for Golf. These people are frequent visitors or members of the Golf Club that in turn reflects the opportunity for the club to further expand in helping the people to pursue Golf as an effective sport. Moreover the availability of large number of open spaces in the Mere Valley region also renders significant opportunities for the Golf Club to effectively grow and accommodate a larger crowd of trainees. Thus presence of required customer profiles along with open spaces effectively contributes in business continuity of the Golf Training and Professional Club in the region. Moreover the availability of baking facilities in the region also helps the different clubs to gain adequate loans for working on renovation and replenishment activities in an effective fashion. Threats Firstly owing to the presence of opportunities pertaining to required customer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managing a Golf Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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