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Customer Satisfaction and the Client Retention - Coursework Example

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This paper "Customer Satisfaction and the Client Retention" is being carried out to evaluate and present Customer Service Software and how it provides tools used in enhancing customer service. As the paper states, no business organization functions in isolation. …
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Customer Satisfaction and the Client Retention
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Extract of sample "Customer Satisfaction and the Client Retention"

Download file to see previous pages Customer service refers to the totality of the activities within an organization to satisfy and meet customer expectations. Excellent customer service ensures that the customers know the services expected from the organization, and the organization should ensure high-quality information about the regular customer needs. The company management should be easily accessible, and the response should be fast. Customer service provides a framework in the creation of commendable customer relationship within the organization. Customer service creates trust and loyalty between the organization and the customers transcending moment interaction. Mostly, complaining psychology ensues as a measurement for crises ad opportunities (Kelshall 2009, p.223). Customer service entails all the activities that enhance high-level customer satisfaction by ensuring the services and the product meet the customer expectation, and it enhances income and revenue generation. Customers can be regarded as key stakeholders to every success within an organization. The constant drive-in customer satisfaction is the duty of all people within an organization. The appreciation of the employees in organizations takes place regardless of whether the link is direct or indirect. Many organizations consider the customer role as the prime. This happens through corporate training programs and improved communication techniques. Customer satisfaction by an organization requires maintenance of the customer contacts. Marketers enhance customer satisfaction through market survey and research to offer insights on the new services and products sought by the customers (Rao & Madhavi 2004, p. 38). Customers influence the decision by the marketing team towards decision making. Customers are crucial determinants of profits and revenues and ensure job security within an organization. Therefore, the viability of an organization measured based on the potential of an organization to attract customers. Provision of excellent customer service is the paramount goal of an organization (Chung 2006, p. 10). Customer retention ensures the continued business relationship between the customer and the firm. On the other hand, customer satisfaction is the measure of the surpassing power of goods and services by an organization to customer expectation. Commendable customer satisfaction accompanies loyalty. The organization with high customer satisfaction pays little attention to the advertising from their competitors. Satisfaction influences repurchasing intention and ensure customer retention. Unsatisfied customers may continue their patronage-based on fear of shifting to other alternatives. Fear is created by the unawareness of the other services elsewhere, especially when using the repurchase intention in measuring customer satisfaction (Kelshall 2009, p.224). Many studies indicate the correlation between customer satisfaction and organizational profitability. Happy employees communicate well with customers. The customers continue with their patronage. The relationship develops leading to continuous loyalty. Invariably, the defection rate reduces and the acquisition of new customers results. Good customer service is critical in enhancing customer perceived value. The overall assessment of the customer on product utility improves customer loyalty. The customer perceived values influence the cost and the tastes of the customers. The interaction efficiency with the staff influences the perceived value of the customer (Kelshall 2009,  p.226). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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