Customer Service Excellence. Impact of technology on Customer Service Excellence - Essay Example

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Customer Service Excellence.
In the global economy, various forms of developments are taking place at an accelerating pace and there has been a drastic change in the balance between the company and its customers…
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Customer Service Excellence. Impact of technology on Customer Service Excellence
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Download file to see previous pages Now-a-days, the customers have a huge variety of choices for each product and the organisations have to develop specific strategies that can help them in creating a distinctive image in the market and capture the attention of its targeted customers. In order to get the customer’s attention, almost every organisation is focusing on enhancing the customer experience by developing an effective customer service excellence strategy (Khan and Matlay, 2009). With dynamic changes happening in the customer needs, the organisations have to respond proactively so that they can maintain their competitive edge in the market; the companies have to be customer-centric as the technological advancements are allowing them to lower their cost of information exchange and solve customer problems effectively (Hilgers, 2007). Such advancements in the field of business require the companies to do re-evaluation of their value propositions and focus more on developing the products and services that will enhance a customer’s experience. ...
Whether an organisation is offering a product or service, it is important for them to focus on providing excellent and out of the box customer service. In order to create demand in the market for their products and services, most of the organisations are now developing new and innovative offerings for services and their main aim is to provide the revenue producing solutions. One of the distinctive features of top ranked companies such as Singapore Airlines, Dell, Nokia, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Sony Corporation, Samsung, Apple and others is an appealing and differentiating service culture (Conklin, Powaga & Lipovetsky, 2004). Every customer is looking for the products and service offerings that will help them in having one to one interaction with the companies and ensure that they have the best buying and consumption experience. Importance of Customer Service Excellence According to Cook (2008), business models are an important aspect of every organisation and they determine four crucial elements that enhance performance and profitability of organisations i.e. choices of customers, costs of transactions, competition among companies and existence of heterogeneity among producers (companies) and customers. The customer service excellence is basically considered to be a challenge by organisations as they have to understand the customer’s perceptions about service excellence and then develop a culture that will meet their expectations level. The development of an effective customer service culture is difficult for organisations as every customer perceives differently about various service initiatives; for instance, helping customers in shopping is considered to be a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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