The Impact Of Economic Growth, Political And Economic Systems On The Internalization Of An Organization - Essay Example

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Globalization, privatization and liberalization have brought huge changes virtually in every areas of human life. Business is one area in which globalization has brought significant changes. Collective growth is the major slogan put forward by globalization. …
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The Impact Of Economic Growth, Political And Economic Systems On The Internalization Of An Organization
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Download file to see previous pages Collective growth is the major slogan put forward by globalization. The concept of business has been changed from the domestic spectrum to the international spectrum as a result of globalization. It should be noted that many of the prominent organizations in the world were struggling to develop properly because of the lack of opportunities for expansion in the domestic market. For example, before the introduction of globalization American coffee maker Starbucks was struggling to expand properly since they had coffee shops virtually in every corner of America. In other words, American market was highly saturated for Starbucks before the introduction of globalization. However, globalization helped Starbucks immensely in expanding their business beyond the boundaries of America. Internationalization of a business or an organization depends on many factors such as the political, economic and cultural factors in the target country. Suitable business climate is essential in the target country, for an organization to think about offshoring their business to that particular country. For example, no organization would think about establishing a business in Syria at present because of the huge political problems going on there. Same way, only few organizations may think about expanding their business to underdeveloped countries such as Ethiopia or Somalia. On the other hand majority of the organizations are looking for opportunities in Asian countries or BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries because of the huge economic developments in those countries. In short, political and economic climates in a particular country play an important role controlling its ability to attract foreign direct investments. This paper analyses the impact of economic growth, political and economic systems on the internalization of an organization. What impact does a country's political and economic system have on its economic development?  China is often cited as the best example to prove how well one country can utilize the possibilities of globalization to stimulate economic growth. It should be noted that China was the number one critic of globalization initially. They believed that some hidden agenda is behind the introduction of globalization by capitalist countries. They argued that globalization is an attempt to loot the wealth of poor countries. Overholt, (2005) pointed out that China opposed the “global economic order, political order and the major global institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank before the reforms started in China” (p.3). According to Hersh & Schmidt (2000), China like socialist countries perceived globalization as the continuation of capitalism (p.3). However, they quickly realized the possibilities of global trade and globalization and started to make immense changes in its political and economic systems to attract foreign direct investments. It should not be forgotten that Deng Xiao Peng was the architect of modern China even though Mao Zedong is believed to be the father of modern China. Mao was adamant so that he never deviated from the policies of communism. He never allowed foreign organizations to invest in China and private capital in any form was unacceptable to him. On the other hand, Deng welcomed foreign capital and private capital with both hands. He has realized the fact that China cannot develop properly with the help of internal resources alone. Being the most heavily populated country in the world, internal resources of China were insufficient to meet the needs of the people. Chinese government was struggling to ensure proper living standards to its citizens ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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