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Communication in Business - Dissertation Example

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This dissertation proposal describes the knowledge management that has become one of the most significant concepts benefitting businesses through the availability of knowledge sharing and better measures of handling information and knowledge…
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Communication in Business
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Download file to see previous pages allows organizations to identify their unique resources, critical functions and core competencies which are considered as essential to understand in order to fully handle strategic operations of the firm. Its significance therefore is of primary nature and organizations benefit from knowledge management because it allows them to learn and to adapt to the new and changing situations easily. 1.1 Purpose The overall purpose of this research is to understand as to what knowledge management and how organizations can actually use it to their benefit. Particularly, this research report will focus upon determining the benefits which can be driven by the organizations by implementing knowledge management practices. 1.2 Scope The overall scope of this research study is limited to the understanding of the benefits of knowledge management to the organizations with a purpose to outline as to how such benefits can be utilized by the organizations. 1.3 Method This research study is based upon the use of secondary sources therefore data gathering tools such as interviews and questionnaires have not been used. It is however, critical to note that credible journals, peer reviewed articles, books and good quality online resources have been used for the purpose of this study. 2 Analysis This section will describe the overall concept of knowledge management, what it is and how it can actually benefit an organization. 2.1 Knowledge Management Knowledge management provides measures and information which can collectively be used by the organizations for better understanding of their processes in order to better utilize them for business purposes. It therefore prepares employees for the better understanding of new ideas and how to utilize them innovatively in order to achieve the...
The dissertation proposal has been based on learning about the concept and meaning of knowledge management and the benefits that it has for businesses. This has helped clarify the importance of incorporating knowledge management into management systems. The researcher states that every organization in order to develop its core competencies and to learn to adapt to the new situations learn to take insights and experience. This ability of the organizations to actually experience and learn from the way they operate is considered as knowledge management. Practiced by organization since last many years, knowledge management actually allows organizations to identify their unique resources, critical functions and core competencies which are considered as essential to understand in order to fully handle strategic operations of the firm. The discussion presented suggests that the concept of knowledge management can help organizations to better utilize their intellectual assets and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the employees. By implementing knowledge management practices, organizations can actually set up shared knowledge processes allows organizations to become more disciplined in finding solutions to their problems. Organizations take advantage of knowledge management at different levels, intermediate and organizational. At the organizational level, it takes benefit of the knowledge management when knowledge management processes are shared across the whole organization.
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