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Change Management and Leadership in Dell company - Essay Example

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The definition of change management can be given as effective execution of the organizations policies after acquisition or merger of other firms. The focus of change management is to look after all the management process that needs to be considered when working with new team members or management…
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Change Management and Leadership in Dell company
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Because of various issues, these business entities do not accept the change of management, and involves themselves in different actions that are not in favor of the organization thus, resists change. The consequences of this resistance in change is poor performance of the firm in terms of manufacturing, production and distribution and this is the reason that change management has become very essential for the firms. The operations of organizations are effectively looked-after by change management including logistics, purchases, and controlling (Scheer, et al., 2003). The organization change is not only dependent on the resources and technology of the organization, but it depends on setting mindset of the employees positively towards the organization and creating an organization culture where flexible environment is made for all employees so that the maximum output can be extracted from them (Scheer, et al., 2003). Therefore, a responsible leadership should be able to implement changes in the organization and should motivate the employees for giving their maximum energy for their organization not only for increasing the revenue, but taking competitive edge over the rivals. Dell’s Change Management: Michael Dell founded Dell in 1984 on the basis that the company will sell their computers directly to the end user. The aim of the company was to understand the needs and requirements of users and providing operating systems that will meet the needs of those users. The company is the one of the largest and most well renowned companies around the world for selling reliable IT related product. The mission of Dell is to become the most successful computer firm of the world by providing the best customer services to clients. The company has more than 40000 employees and it maintains a large corporate culture as different team members belonging to different regions works together for Dell (Hill & Gareth, 2009). The company aims for change management because of maintaining consistent growth and become the market leader in mobile computing industry. Different brands of Dell plays an important role in making the company market leader because Dell acquires products of other strong brand and then making these products merge into a large company. After acquiring these brands, Dell improves overall operations of the brand, gives comprehensive training to its employees, and introduces new technology in their systems, which help the company to introduce these brands as reliable dell products. The acquisitions of these brands results in economies of scales, which makes the distribution network of Dell stronger, and the company is able to cater many regions with the help of these brands (Hill & Gareth, 2009). The vision of Dell for making change management is to increase its business growth consistently and increasing the revenue of the company at the same time. In order to achieve this change management successfully, the company focuses on the following four elements: (i) The company focuses on taking the market share of the mobile computing industry by making efforts to improve the production of their products. (ii) Change management helps the company to improve its overall efficiency and decrease the cost of production. (iii) Dells aim to enter in new market where there is a chance of expanding and company can become the market leader in these regions. (iv) The company creates the value of shareholder by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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