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Business game modified assignmen - Essay Example

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VICA – Enjoy The Difference TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction. Company Performance. Learnings…
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Business game modified assignmen
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Download file to see previous pages This company has gained great praise due to its ability to maintain its name in Europe as a car-manufacturing corporation. The corporation has endeavoured to produce high quality cars by using high technology. The company has also managed to remain stable in the competitive European market. In order to fit in the market, the company created an initiative of assessing its target customers, with the aim of acquiring maximum profits from their business initiative. Effective marketing ensures competitive advantage by appealing to consumer values and preferences (Porter 1985; Porter, 1987). At the commencement of the project, our team embarked on a mission to maximise the company’s profits by weighing the shareholders’ investment. At the end of Round 4, our group had managed to acquire about four percent of the market share inclusive of the City and Large car. Our company is keen to check the profit and losses incurred by VICA. Focus on the workers’ demands is among the company’s major concerns, which it does in order to develop a rapport between the management and the workers, as well as to keep the company on its toes. The target group of the company’s City car falls below 25 years of age while the Large car is aimed at persons between the ages of 41-55 years. In terms of the City car the vehicle is suitable for short distances and is affordable for young people. On the other hand, the Large car is suitable for older people who need to carry luggage of varying sizes and move over longer distances. The forecast for Round 1 can be summarised in the table on the following page. The table is inclusive of sales, profits and balance. The forecast for the City car stood at 53300b while that of the large car was 40950b. CASH FLOW FORECAST Cash In Cash Out Opening Bank Balance ?500,000,000.00 Sales Income ?1,628,805,750.00 Total Material Cost ?1,211,774,167.50 Total Labour Cost ?47,000,000.00 Total Overheads ?242,508,062.56 Factory Cost ?650,000,000.00 Automation Expenditure ?17,500,000.00 Tax Payment ?38,392,055.98 Net Interest Payment ?0.00 Bank Balance before Loan -?77,918,536.04 Loan Requested ?200,000,000.001 Closing Bank Balance ?122,081,463.96 Company Performance Round 1 Forecast Model based on production, sales and bank balances pre- and post-loan Production 94,250 Sales ?1,630 m Post-Tax Profit ?86.9 m Bank Balance Before Loan ?- 77 m Bank Balance After Loan ?123 m The process of launching the cars into the European market was a complex task that needed to consider elements of establishing an appropriate pricing model, determining manufacturing capacity, the volume of labourers required, and profit/loss projections based on cost recognition. Strategies for launch included first identifying key market characteristics associated with lifestyle and preferences for small/large cars along with environmental attitudes. Market Share Analysis, Gross Margin and Post-tax Profit Round 1 Overheads Overheads Income Cost Fixed Overheads ?128,958,062.56 Market Promotion ?55,000,000.00 Research & Development ?48,700,000.00 Training Cost ?940,000.00 Total Overheads ?233,598,062.56 Budget capabilities, which maintained oversight related to loan procurement as a failure to include loan capital in the figures, dictated limited production capabilities due to overhead and other associated factors related to economies of scale and capital availability. The first production run for Citzen cars was 53,300 whilst larger cars were to be produced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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