Business Sustainability in Coca Cola and Woodward Iron Industry - Research Paper Example

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 The purpose of this paper "Business Sustainability in Coca Cola and Woodward Iron Industry" is to understand the difference between corporate sustainability between two companies. This paper is going to analyze the various corporate reporting that happens in Coca Cola and Woodward Iron Industry.  …
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Business Sustainability in Coca Cola and Woodward Iron Industry
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tackles how non-financial reporting has revolution the field of business in terms of information dissemination to clients, governments, stakeholders, and investors among others (Eccless & Krzus 2010 p.67).  All of these organizations belong in the industrial sector and each of them has its unique composition, goals, and objectives. For example, Coca Cola deals in soft drinks with its market spread in more than 200 countries and about 500 brands from the production plant. On the same note, Woodward Iron Industry is an organization that specializes in the provision of iron and steel but has a limited number of employees (Epstein 2008, p.65). This is because of its small jurisdiction in the state of Alabama, Tennessee. This paper is also going to assess the limitations that were experienced during the period of searching for information in order to understand the two companies. Therefore, this has prompted the formulation of assumptions in order to understand the purpose and scope of the report. It also delves into recommendations and implementations of the findings and discussions. Introduction 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this report will be to make comparisons between two industrial companies based on their sustainability policies and practices. Similarly, the report will comprise of comparison analysis, types of reports produced such as environmental or sustainability reports or corporate responsibility or CSR reports (Ferrel et al 2006, p.123). Apart from the composition, the composition will also delve into overall approaches of sustainability between these two industrial companies in relation to the emphasis they are accorded. On that note, the sustainability will bank its focus on policy or practice of that industrial sector and conduct comparisons and evaluations. Alternatively, this task should be able to determine the significance of chosen companies in the context of their produced reports. 1.2 Scope In terms of scope, the business report covers wide areas of company sustainability. For example, it touches on the sectors of theory/models of each individual company as well as the responses of these organizations. In addition, the scope dwells on a more analytical approach than a descriptive perspective in order to determine the defining theoretical concepts and the benchmarks of performance (Hopwood & Unerman 2012, p.145).  Alternatively, the report attempts to evaluate the league tables, industry standards and other frameworks of the two industrial sector companies for sustainability evaluation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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