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Human resources management: Theory and practice - Essay Example

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Table of contents Introduction 2 Background 2 Key success factors 5 Current thinking 6 Creation of a sound organizational culture 6 Team building strategies 7 Quality performance 8 Customer satisfaction 9 Role of HRM and operational management 10 Problem solving strategies 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 INTRODUCTION The high schools of Northern New Jersey face modern challenges related to shortage of sport and recreation facilities like any other city in the United States and the entire world at large…
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Human resources management: Theory and practice
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, the current facilities do not meet the modern standard expectations. In addition, with the growing popularity of high school and youth sports throughout the area among players and fans alike, it is essential to look into building a facility that can house sports and recreation indoors. This is due to factors such as constantly changing weather patterns in the area, an overcrowded population and simply not enough room to house all programs in inclement weather at schools. Therefore, this strategic business plan is meant to outline measures that can be implemented by Sports and Recreation Network in order to improve this situation. The paper starts by highlighting the situation obtaining on the ground and this is followed by an outline of the strategies that can be implemented in order to effectively deal with the situation. The paper ends by giving a thorough recommendation about improvements that have to be made on the basis of the research and analysis performed in the business planning process. BACKGROUND Sports and Recreation Network is a wholly owned company that is concerned with uplifting the field of sport particularly in schools in New Jersey. As outlined above, it can be noted that the trend in the area has been to look for complexes that can house teams on days where a school’s gym or multi-purpose room is over-crowded or there simply is not enough space. Elements related to bad weather conditions are impacting on various sporting activities since seasons and games are often postponed. Thus, a complex would lift a major barrier to the youth and the young at heart in Northern New Jersey who are interested in engaging in a plethora of sporting activities that can now be done indoors. Developing a sports and recreational facility in New Jersey is a viable idea for revenue creation as well as creating a venue that really serves the general public in the northern New Jersey area. Against this background, this paper seeks to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the various impacts associated with this type of undertaking. In essence, this is a bargain and convincing element aimed at encouraging the construction of the new sports and recreation facility. The project is going to be a multisport complex that is going to be located in the Northern New Jersey area. Currently, there are two other facilities like this in the Northern New Jersey area. Basically, the main objectives of the multisport complex include being able to gain 150 memberships in the first year, 225 by the second year and 330 in the third year to use the gym/ rehab/spa facilities and the use of the athletic complex when not rented along with walk-ins as memberships are not mandatory to use the facility. The complex will offer competitive leagues such as 7-on-7 flag football, 5-on-5 lacrosse, 3-on-3 hoops tournaments and the like to generate further income. In year one, we would also like to sponsor and support five community events to give back to the community and also garner potential interest from customers. The return of investment for the project is projected to be at 5% within the first year of operation. We will use the various open shops and rent to vendors for a sporting goods store, rehabilitation, spa, weight training, dance, karate, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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