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Investing In Early Developing Country - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Investing In Early Developing Country" describes that plan for investment involves the banking and financial sector as the industry, Kenya as the destination country, joint venture as the model of investment and Capital One Financial as the investing company…
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Investing In Early Developing Country
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Extract of sample "Investing In Early Developing Country"

Download file to see previous pages The aspect of globalization was the core consideration with regard to the type of company selected. Since I was more inclined to a service company particularly in the baking and financial services sector, I settled on Capital One Financial, which is a reputed banking corporation with a global presence as well as being among the fortune 500 companies. Capital One Financial Corp is a bank holding firm based in the U.S and focuses in auto loans, home loans, and credit cards banking along with savings products (Icon Group International, Inc. Staff and Icon Group Ltd 12-15). An associate of the Fortune 500, the corporation helped establish the mass marketing of credit cards in the initial periods of the 1990s, and it is currently the fourth-largest client of the American Postal Service and its deposit assortment is ranked fifth in the country (Paige 14). Capital One Financial firm is the mother corporation of Capital One Auto Finance, or COAF, stationed in Plano, Texas. Subsequent to buying PeopleFirst, it grew to be the largest Internet auto lender and one of the highly ranked US auto lenders in general (Hitt et al 85). Kenya is my country of choice for investment for a number of reasons, first is the fact that Kenya is the fastest growing economy in the expanse and its performance is robust making it a viable destination for investment (Ndung’u, Collier and Adam 89-92). Commercially, Kenya has made numerous gains and its financial sector along with the general economic environment is based on contemporary economic standards. Kenya’s financial and banking sector is among the most robust and lucrative not only in East Africa but also in the entire world. Therefore, investing in the Kenyan financial and banking sector is a lucrative idea. The investment plan by Capital One Financial in Kenya’s financial and banking system will be organized in a number of stages to achieve the required results (Goodman and Downes 106). In essence, the investment program will echo the relevant realities in Kenya regarding the investment protocols that ought to be followed. Essentially, the investment will be done through joint ventures that represent the most convenient way of investing in Kenya. Therefore, Capital One Financial will seek a joint venture with local banks in Kenya through which it will launch its services and operations in conjunction with the local bank. The choice of a local company will be done in a categorical manner to make certain that the concerns and goals of the investing company are safeguarded. Nevertheless, the option of foreign direct investment (FDI) will be left open so as to ensure that Capital One Financial may invest directly in the Kenyan financial system. However, this will depend on the probability of success of FDI by the company on request of the Kenyan authorities. Financial banking is the discipline of administration of money along with other valuables pertaining to a particular business. It is obvious that banks tender basic advances, deposits in addition to financial counsel, though they as well facilitate dealings on complicated financial instruments like private equity, bonds along with mutual funds (IBP USA Staff 56-61). The majority of top-performing contenders typically perceive careers in Banking as the pinnacle of accomplishment, and sectors such as coffers, equity trading, speculation banking along with private banking are perceived as the most worthwhile jobs for innovative graduates. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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