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Database Processing: Fundamentals, Design, and Implementation - Term Paper Example

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The author examines a self-service system within an organization which offers an opportunity for the organization to implement quick and timely service delivery. These services, however, must become defined before establishing a system to be utilized within the organization. …
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Database Processing: Fundamentals, Design, and Implementation
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Download file to see previous pages The information contained within the self-service system comes for the known questions, commonly asked, and the system contains answers set within the database of the system. The authors of the system emulate several finite questions and provide responses seeking to address the general information aimed at delivering a definite answer to the inquiries. The utilization of self-service systems continue to play a significant role in delivering timely responses to inquiries regarding rules, and information about an organization’s operations. Though the systems deliver timely responses, they remain limited to the information stored within the system’s database. The systems lack the capability to offer explanations to terminologies which the end-user might fail to comprehend. The systems, however, offer a surmountable advantage to the employees of an organization. Though they fail to offer comprehensive responses, for the less inquisitive individuals, the responses offered remain sufficient. This immensely reduces the number of persons visiting the inquiries office seeking clarification; hence, the systems ease the burden of customer inquiry employees by reducing their workload. 
The development of the system essentially marks the beginning of a digital era in the sport and leisure management within the university. The system shall contain numerous entities relating to each other to form the desired database of information. Ramez and Navathe, (2007) state that the categorization of these entities remains essential in ensuring that information could be retrieved in an organized manner, and this ensures that the system provides end-users with the required information. Entities According to Bruce (1992) entities could be defined as categories of real or abstract objects containing similar characteristics, and with the capability to participate in the same relationships. Definition of these entities becomes the categorization of various objects that could be clustered together within a self-service management system. Entity definition becomes fundamental in ensuring that the entities falling within the specified problem domain remain clearly defined. This definition would play a significant role in assisting the developers of the system to offer solutions to the identified system shortfalls. The existing problem domains, therefore, remain the defining elements of the various entities present within a new system. Identification of the problem domains would ensure the developed system offers essential and desirable solutions to the organization. The different forms utilized in gathering the required information regarding students form an important entity within the new system. Before accessing the services of the system, students shall be required to log into the system.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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