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Theories are termed as perspectives through which people can make sense of global experiences (Stoner, et al. 1995, p. 31). Thus theory is a systematic grouping of concepts which are interdependent and principles which provides a framework to tie together a significant area of knowledge. …
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Easy Jet And The Recession
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Download file to see previous pages Data which are scattered are not information until and unless the observers have the accurate knowledge of the theories that needs to explain the relationships. Therefore according to Homans (1958) theory can be defined as “in its lowest form a classification, a set of pigeon holes, a filing cabinet in which fact can accumulate. Nothing is more lost than a loose fact” (Homans 1958, p. 5). The principles of management are the fundamental truth which explains the relationships between the different set of variables which usually constitute of dependent variable and independent variable. Mangers often apply the theories with the practical life and help to solve problems in the future and present which might occur in the organisation. Thus it can be said that there are mainly three major reasons as to why managers needs to know about the management theories are firstly the theories provides focus for understanding the experiences and relevance. Secondly, with the help of theories mangers are able to communicate and has the capacity to move into a more complex relationships. Thirdly, with the help of theories mangers can learn about the ongoing into the world (Olum, 2004, p. 1-11). Management theories accounts for and helps to interpret the rapidly changing environment in the organisations. This paper aims to deals with different types of management theories such as scientific theory, behavioural school, management science, system approach, contingent approach, and dynamic engagement approach (Thenmozhi, n.d). Another important aspect in an organisation is the culture and this can be well explained with the help of competing value approach. According to Quinn and Rohrbaugh (1983) it is the most conceptual model of culture. This model of competing value approach can be one of the four types that has been categorised, which constitute of clan, market, hierarchy and adhocracy. The clan culture based on the framework emphasise goal, participation and shared values and also a sense of family. Market culture tends to emphasis environmental interaction, competition, as well as customer orientation. Adhocracy usually emphasis creativity, entrepreneurships and also adaptability and hierarchy constitute of rules and regulations, lines of concerned authority and efficiency (Smart, 2010, p.389). Figure 1: Competing Value Framework (Source: Rainey, 2009, p.164) The competing value framework tends to work closely with the management theories. Most of the organisation tends to apply all the factors included in the competing framework. The four factors are equally important for the effective working of the organisation. The model helps a manger to understand the working conditions of the environment and finally match the culture with respect to the operational climate. 2.0 The Organisation Easy jet is one of the successful low cost airlines in Europe, established in the year 1995. It is based in London Luton airport and operates domestic and international services to about 400 routes in Europe and carries about 40 million passengers in a year. The airline industry and the travel agencies are competing with each other in order to build up a strong online ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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