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Problems with real estate career during the recession - Research Paper Example

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Date Problems with Real Estate Career during the Recession Table of Contents Executive Summary…………………………………………………….2 Introduction…………………………………………………………….3 Research……………
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Problems with real estate career during the recession
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Download file to see previous pages ..11 Works Cited……………………………………………………………….12 Executive Summery Real estate market is among the most dynamic market in history. Despite the fact that the market is not that large, many processes need to run successfully. Many economic issues as well as legal matters that make operation in it not that easy bind this market. Investing in real estate is only profitable when the economic gaps are high, but quite challenging in low economic seasons. Working n real estate does not offers difficulties to the investors only, but also to their selling agents. Brokers normally earn handsomely in peak seasons despite some few challenges they encounter during their marketing. However, in recession times a lot of risk with little satisfaction is what they encounter in the job. There are several challenges that they meet in their operation, including the fact that this sector is much dominated among few buyers at the recession times. This creates a very stiff competitive environment that discourages their prosperity. Marketing real estate products pose difficulty due to the high expectation from the sellers from the brokers. Despite the economic falls, sellers still expect to fetch great prices for their products that become unachievable by the agents. Emerging trends in the real estate such as such as Mortgage Assistance Relief, MID and QRM creates changes in the brokers work environment. This forces the brokers to adjust to the running occupational changes that normally are not easy. During economic scarcity loaning system are much reduced that only a few clients are available in the market. The agents hence find no market for their services in the market. In such cases generally earns very little to support them. Because of these challenges, working in this career is normally very hard, and mitigation measures are necessary to protect this employment sector. Several recommendations encompassing legal aspect, market protection, financial security, diversification, technological adaptation and teamwork have been proposed for implementation to see these groups succeed and enjoy their career. This proposal was made after a rigorous research and study in the field. Introduction For many years, the lives of real estate agents have been unbearable, especially during recessions. Due to this, the brokers sent their pleas to the ministry of labour in the late 2007, following the start of 2007 and 2009 recession. This was taken as an appropriate moments since studies could reveal situations of the real estate brokers from the start to the end of economic hard times. The Ministry in turn sent a group of experts to study the problem and recommend as appropriate. This report was presented to me, a broker and the secretary of the real estate brokers in the Washington. Besides, the report was tabled before the representatives of real estate agents, real estate investors and representatives from government policy makers and planners. This was carried out in a two days seminar in Washington. The report was aimed at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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