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Organizational Transformation in Practice - Essay Example

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My organization was offering an insurance program through its employees who spend time on a variety of tasks such as find contacting data to reach new customers, contact them, arrange meetings, and offer these services…
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Organizational Transformation in Practice
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Download file to see previous pages The unresolved issue with these advisors was that many customers stuck with a long-term contract after signing for the service without enough acknowledgement and details about the effect or the commitment that the customer has to make or be involved in. The company performance had been inevitably great for many years, being able to reach its annual target. But I soon learnt that since the recession, the management recognized that the performance of the company was not fulfilling its requirements in the sense that it’s targets weren’t being repeatedly achieved as before, leading their employees to then work under pressure, categorized between two units within two managers, and this involved me as a unit manager. The issue was generated by the employees’ new approach with their selling techniques due to the newly enforced pressure by the general manager. In the course of the weekly meetings with the general manager, I was faced with a range of disagreements. An overwhelming problem was the frustration accumulating due to the lack of communication. The customers entitlements to the long-term contract were mislead, making them unaware of the policies commitments. I was mentally prepared to engage in negotiations because the other unit manager had been already aware and uncooperative with the required work role. I am always proud of my performance as I did my best to satisfy myself before satisfying my manager, and I do not take well to the management when they insult work which was performed in good faith. I sat in my office, gathering my thoughts as to what I would do first I thought, “No idea, I feel sick to my stomach” I later learned my physical reaction to the situation was due to my inability to keep my internal focus on my internal locus of control. At that time I was working and going to college full time and I learned in one of my Diploma degree classes that a person’s perception of the source of his or her fate is termed locus of control. Some people with an internal locus of control think they can control their destiny or what may or may not happen in their environment. This is what I liked when things were going well. But others controlled by an external locus of control are those controlled by something outside of him or her, which is where I aimed my focus at when things weren’t well? Situations got stressed, passive and defensive due to externals being placed with a stressor; this influenced the stress having a real effect on me. I flashed through my mind other situations in which I’d have felt useless or unsure of my performance. Now I wonder, why was I thinking of myself in this way? What really made the negotiation process more challenging was how I felt about myself; I was worrying if I requested a meeting for negotiation with the other unit manager he would resort in being uncooperative with a very negative behavior. In the beginning I did not send any e-mail to the other unit manager, as I had not gotten a plan. I waited, and as he stayed silent, I thought I would feel more confident by taking control. I approached him in the method that I would appreciate being approached by. With the sound that our mutual issue was getting bigger and what could we do to solve this problem? Therefore I proposed an agenda to let him give input to form the agenda for a meeting to negotiate our problems. I gathered that a more structured method would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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