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Marketing Strategy of the Mantec Technical Ceramics Limited - Case Study Example

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The paper "Marketing Strategy of the Mantec Technical Ceramics Limited" states that it will be an effective strategy on the part of Mantec Technical Ceramics to enter the Chinese market for multilayer ceramic capacitors by following the exact mix…
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Marketing Strategy of the Mantec Technical Ceramics Limited
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Extract of sample "Marketing Strategy of the Mantec Technical Ceramics Limited"

Download file to see previous pages As a brief overview for the company’s product offering, it can be said that the company’s product offering includes mainly developing latest technology devices in the field of pyrometrics, ceramic insulation, ceramic filtration, technical ceramics and various kinds of products of porous nature. The company, Mantec Technical Ceramics Limited is a leader all over the world in the B2B domain, in regards to their solution based offerings for highly innovative process and materials of ceramic technical (Mantec Technical Ceramics, 2012). Overview of Market The world, today, is getting increasingly dependent on technology. Ever since the widespread evolution of the internet, emerging from the US during the middle of 1990’s, people have started to integrate and align their lives in relation to the developments happening in terms of technology and the latest communication devices. The four generations comprising of Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and the Millennium Generation have increasingly got dependent on the latest technological developments like the high-end touch screen mobile phones, tablets PCs, laptop computers and the highly modernized I pads for availing the convenience and facilities provided by various products and services offered by today’s fast-evolving E-commerce based companies (National Tour Association, 2002, p. 17). This huge inclination of consumers worldwide for various kinds of technological devices have automatically triggered the demand for various small and vital components required for the production of these high tech devices. One particular product, which has become a key component for the development of these high tech technological devices and has experienced a sudden peak in demand, is the multilayer ceramic capacitors. The need for these ceramic capacitors has been tremendously high in markets, which produces high-end portable devices in mass scale. As of today’s date, a large amount of these portable technological devices in manufactured in China and South East Asian countries, with them being recognized as the global hub for manufacturing of portable electronic products (Rajan, 2010). Identification of Market With the increase in demands for the latest technology high-end portable devices by consumers all around the globe, there has been a tremendous spike in demand for the production of capacitors of ceramic nature. This demand for ceramic capacitor products has been increasingly high in markets where there has been a massive and large scale production for these high-end technological devices. The entire Asia Pacific markets are increasingly considered as a global hub for the production of electronic devices of portable nature (Rajan, 2010). Going by a micro level comparison of the demand forecasted for this multilayer ceramic capacitor on a market by market basis, it can be said that there are three scenarios that are arising in terms of future growth prospects in this particular capacitor segment. In China, there has been a rising demand for the production of various portable devices like laptops, mobile phones and devices of similar nature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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