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The Management of Contracts and Subcontracts - Case Study Example

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The present study would focus on the management of contracts and subcontracts. A contractor usually provides services to a client or clients. This is usually at a given agreed-upon fee, usually payable at the end of the stated period or upon the completion of the task…
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The Management of Contracts and Subcontracts
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Download file to see previous pages The private family-owned company would be better off operating as a subcontractor rather than the main contractor or even carrying out both the activities of the main contractor and the subcontractor.
The operations of the company as evidenced by the financial statements indicate large amounts of the sum that has been used to transact the liabilities. As much as the liabilities still run lower than the assets, the margin is very small and would not guarantee that the company will not incur losses soon. A company would consider being the main contractor or a subcontractor depending on the balance between the assets and liabilities. This financial statement is important to determine the profitability and liquidity of the company. A subcontractor may decide to operate so not only because of the limit of resources but because the subcontractor is more specialized in a given section of the contract than the main contractor.
The company’s decision to become a main or subcontractor should be based on the health and safety of the employees and workers of the organization which would have been provided to give a judgment that is based on all the factors that affect the operation of the company. The taxation effect on the financial status of the company is a good projection of the liquidity of the company. Taxes have a direct effect on profits. This is because gross profits are obtained after the taxes have been deducted.
Recommendation to the subcontractor to become the main contractor.
The taxation effect on the financial status of the company is a good projection of the liquidity of the company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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