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Running Head: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN CONTEXT Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Date: Human Resource Management in Context The business organizations in the current era have advanced enough to integrate modern technology, improve working procedures and enhance methods of employee management…
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Human Resource Management in Context: HR Professionals
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Download file to see previous pages In doing all this, one of the major functions and departments, Human Resource Management, plays a vital role in the goal achievement. This paper shall elaborate, in detail, upon the need for Human Resource professionals to act as business partners and perform their due role towards understanding the major developments in the business environment. It also examines the external context in which the Human Resource operates along with the practical difficulties and advantages with doing this and identifying the ways to overcome the difficulties. Human Resource Management The concept of Human Resource Management is the vital element in a business organization. HRM, generally known as HR, pertains to the management of the workforce, or the human resource, in an organization. The department managing all the personnel of the organization is accountable for attracting, selecting, and training, assessing and appraising, and rewarding the labour force in a business organization. The HRM professionals are also charged with the responsibility of supervising the culture and leadership of the organization while guaranteeing adherence to the labor and employee laws simultaneously. Thus, we can ascertain from past studies and researches that the human resource management is the function of management which regards with the development, acquisition, maintenance, utilization, and integration of the employee base and individuals at organization. This is done for the enhancement of employee contribution and their connection with the efficiency of the work place. HRM is an amalgamation of the organizational behavior and the development perspective of the labour relations and administration of personnel. The term practically refers to the implications of all management actions and decisions which influence the association between the employees and organization (Beer, Spector, Lawrence,Mills, & Walton, 1984) Contemporary business issues The modern day business organization are surrounded by different challenges and issue faced by the variations in internal and external environment. These contemporary challenges and issues to be tackled are described as follows: Globalization Globalization has been a widely growing concept in the present world for last few decades and promotes connectivity amongst the cultural and economic forces on the global level (Scholte, 1997). The concept of globalization has turned the world into a global village, where the new markets exist and offer competition, opportunities and challenges to the hub of developing and developed nations. Various global issues such as exchange rates, trade barriers, distribution of goods and tariffs have become the most important part of the managerial decisions and implications. There are multinational organizations operating across the globe and the increased innovation and newer production methods have given new facets to the business organizations. The concept of globalization in the business world has further given rise to new issues such as the regionalisation of production, which comprises of the escalating focus of economic activity in super-city sites like New York, London, and Tokyo. Moreover, the ever present alarm in assessing the advancements of the globalization is with the standardization of the incorporation of territories through the cross border trade ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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