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A paper "Information Technology: The Implementation of Business Process" reports that change can be defined as the transformation in organizational structure. Organizational change is also referred to as the system-wide rescheduling of reporting relationship, authority and task division…
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Information Technology: The Implementation of Business Process
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Download file to see previous pages There are two approaches related to the organizational change, rethinking and re-engineering. Reengineering is said to be a difficult process but if implemented can yield better results in the process of organizational change. Reengineering requires that the management confront the assumptions regarding the work they do which have been long-held in the organization. They should rather set goals for themselves and work towards achieving these goals (Griffin & Moorhead 536). Change is an everyday process, but to implement change in the organizational structure requires more than the usual change process. Organizational change is the modification of core facets of the operations related to the organization. The operations of the organization are greatly affected by the change in leadership, growth, expansion, merger and acquisition, technological change, competition, etc. These factors are basically the reason behind the need of organizational change (J. Mills, Dye, & A. Mills 4). Some of the prominent researchers suggested that people do not like changes in the organization because they are unwilling to adopt new things. In other words, people do not like change as they feel they are happy enough with their current state or they do not want to indulge themselves in learning new technologies. According to some other researcher, people resist change due to the panic that they may have to undergo structural changes in the form of indecent allocation of responsibilities and loss of authority (Robbins 187). It has been also suggested that the actual reason for resisting an organizational change is a combination of psychological and structural reasons (Leonardi 408). Apart from the mentioned reasons for opposing change in an organization some of the other factors which also plays a part in opposing change are as follows:- Fear – This is by far the biggest reason why people do not like change in their organization thinking that the change may not be adaptable to them and can face different consequences. Comfort – People do not want to get away from their comfort zone. If they are happy in their present job roles and responsibilities, it’s tough for them to break the shackle and adapt to a new role and responsibility. Do not identify a change is required – People sometimes feel that when something is on track, there is no need for a change. Lack of Trust – Employees of an organization do not faiths the new technology if they lack prior experiences. Force to adapt – The managers of organization sometimes forces the employees to adopt the new technology. But the fact is that people have to be guided towards the change not forced. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Information Technology: The Implementation of Business Process" is quite popular among the tasks in college. Still, this paper opens a fresh perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own text.

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