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International Logistics in the Manufacturing Industry - Tate and Lyle - Case Study Example

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The paper 'International Logistics in the Manufacturing Industry - Tate and Lyle" reviews how the adaptation of inventory holding and for that matter warehousing as a strategy by Tate and Lye can be utilized as an effective means of ensuring that the company gets the best out of the strategy…
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International Logistics in the Manufacturing Industry - Tate and Lyle
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Extract of sample "International Logistics in the Manufacturing Industry - Tate and Lyle"

Download file to see previous pages As much as governments try to sustain the manufacturing industry in various global economies, it is also imperative that individual manufacturing companies themselves put in place structures and systems that would help in ensuring that they experience growth and stability. There are several economists and industrial managers who point to a number of ways and strategies that can be used by manufacturing companies to ensure rapid and speedy growth. Among these is the need to have a generic strategy that puts a company at a better competitive advantage over rival companies. In the case of Tate and Lyle, the company has among its internal structures for growth, the adaptation of inventory hosting. Though several theorists are not in support of inventory holding for modern economic practice, Tate and Lyle depend on this in warehousing facilities. This essay shall there assess the most economical manner in which the company can manage its warehouses and make the best out of it. Overview of International Logistics There is laws and regulations that guide the general shipment of goods and products across waters. These laws and regulations are controlled by international bodies with international statues to ensure that there is absolute compliance with the laws and regulations. The laws and regulations are also given an international appeal to focus on international uniformity, harmony and cohesion. Indeed, it would be troubling if an exporter should have to deal with different regulations and laws on the shipment of goods and products once the exporter moves from one country to the other.
Most of the laws and regulations that border on international shipping are on packing, labeling, documentation, and insurance requirements and this is the basis for international logistics (Incoterms, 2010). In the bid to ship or export products also, exporters are opened to four major alternatives in the form of shipping they would want o to undertake. These forms include the arrangement of personal shipping, the reliance on freight forwarders, using the services of the Shippers Association and choosing express delivery and mail services. It is important however to note that notwithstanding the form of shipping selected, the basic international logistics (laws and regulations) remains unchanged. The implication of this to Tate and Lyle, which has elected to rely on the shippers’ association by requiring the co-operation of the Port of London’s tugs to ensure their safe navigation, it is very important that the company put structures in place to ensure that it is confirming to international logistics and not breaking these in any way. This way, the company can win the trust of customers over other competitors and ensure massive growth and development in its manufacturing and shipping services. Background to inventory holding and warehousing in the manufacturing industry Contrary to modern advocacy against inventory holding (Hanson, 2006), Tate and Lyle rely on and practice warehousing to a very large extent.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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