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Distribution and Retail - Essay Example

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Distribution and Retail Table of Contents Question 1 3 Target Market for the Retail Stores 3 Location of the Retail Stores 4 Impact of the Design and Ambience at the Store 6 Question 2 10 What ECR is? 10 Advantages of Investing in IT System 11 Disadvantages of Investing in Information Technology 12 Justification and Recommendations 13 References 16 Bibliography 20 Question 1 Target Market for the Retail Stores The target market for setting up of the stores of cotton garments in the UK along with distribution of those products in the UK market can be regarded as one of the most significant business decisions for Anthony Connelly…
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Distribution and Retail
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Download file to see previous pages The current UK markets in the clothing retail segments have been compelled to re-evaluate the consumer positioning significantly as because of the low demand along with the real price declining. It has been notably observed by the UK shoppers that the discount stores supply of merchandises with the quality and uniqueness compared to that of the departmental stores (Research and Markets, 2000). It is worth mentioning that observing the market demands and consumer perception, before splitting the departments by male or female clothing or style of the retail operations, is a crucial factor while targeting a market in the retail sector of clothing and garment industry in UK. With regards to the current market scenario in UK, clothing market can be identified as increasingly competitive with more than 20 UK based retailers and brands including department stores, discount stores, super markets, mid-market chains, lower-mid markets, and mail order agencies (Research and Markets, 2000). In this context, the opportunity for the Indian-American apparel distribution can be intended towards attaining a large number of consumer responses with the virtues of quality products which shall be distributed through high street fashion merchandises in UK. The recent growth has been taken place in the women sector which is one of the largest sectors in terms of high selling of merchandises which can also be identified as an advantageous target market segment (Research and Markets, 2000). To be precise, the targeted market for the retail stores in this case can be identified as the young populace of UK irrespective of their income, but subject to their tastes and lifestyle choices. Location of the Retail Stores Defining the store location is one of the most crucial decisions for retail entrepreneurs, as a significant location of retail store can prove to be quite important for generating sustainable customer preferences. The store location of standard and high street fashionable clothing apparels as has been intended to serve by the retail stores can mainly be located in those areas where the young traffic can be easily identified. The demographic variances of the specific location involve citizen’s information, such as age, family as well as the income levels of the population which are the basic factors to be examined before locating any site for retail business, especially in the clothing sector (The Business Link, 2009). The location for the retail site is an essential and fundamental part of the retail strategy as it communicates about the corporate image of the brand. The store location also manipulates the product mix and design of the store. The store location for the high quality apparels on a high street fashion should provide due consideration towards the determined target market segment, i.e. the young population. Thus, the locations where high traffic of young people is observed can be identified as the prospective store location f ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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