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Demographic: In regards to demographic profiles the population of Edinburgh can be divided into mainly four groups depending on their income and age trends. The first group comprising 12 percent of the population contains of people in their 30s that tend to the affluent urbanites…
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Starting a New Business: business plan
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Download file to see previous pages The snacks would be prepared based on corn, other fries and boiled potatoes and would be available in two different sizes of containers, large and small. The containers of different sizes would be priced accordingly and would contain the name and logo of the company embossed on such. Herein the logo of ‘CoRn Me’ would be created with the letter ‘R’ upside down in order to attract the attention of the consumers. The business idea of selling the corn snacks would be enhanced based on partnership ventures. Stores for the same are taken to be built in George Square based in Edinburgh. Mission The mission of ‘CoRn Me’ as a Street Trade business dealing in the production of snacks would be to provide to the consumers based in Edinburgh a healthy and fast option for a snack diet. Such enhancement of relationships with the consumers is held to build a strong brand name and goodwill of the company in the Edinburgh area. Objectives The key objective of the business is to provide a low cost option to the consumers desiring to avail good quality snacks at affordable rates. Moreover ‘CoRn Me’ also stress on the enhancement of positive relationship with the consumers through quick and effective deliveries and through rendering effective after sales services. The snacks company targets in selling of around 250 cups of snacks on an average basis. Legal Structure The company would tend to operate based on a new partnership agreement known as the partnership for limited liability that tends to define the liability or responsibility of the different partners in the trade. This sets to assign limited liability to the new members to the trade and also helps in defining the functions of each...
However a significant group of consumers belong to the third group. This group consists of around 49 percent of the population and consists of teenagers mainly falling in the low to middle level income groups. However these people are large group of socialites. Finally the fourth group consists of around 22 percent consumers ranging from 20 to 30 years who prefer to reside out of the city in rented houses but tend to spend increasingly on lavish pur... ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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