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Simultaneous multiple sales channel increase the intention of purchasing of luxury brand goods - Dissertation Example

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Simultaneous multiple sales channel increase the intention of purchasing of luxury brand goods Need for Research/Background: The macroeconomic situation around the world in the past couple of years has prompted the relevant businesses as well as the researchers around the world to take note of the falling market for Luxury brand goods…
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Simultaneous multiple sales channel increase the intention of purchasing of luxury brand goods
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Extract of sample "Simultaneous multiple sales channel increase the intention of purchasing of luxury brand goods"

Download file to see previous pages However, all this changed with economic downturn of 2009. The Luxury goods market growth was stunted by the recession. Post recession, the luxury goods industry, seems to have survived the onslaught. However, the industry the market for the so called accessible luxury goods has been subdued. The exclusivity that is so much a part of the luxury brand goods has been restored and now more focused, established and pure luxury brand goods are likely to succeed and sustain themselves in the market. This downside in the Luxury goods business is likely to prompt research into finding ways to increasing and sustain the sales of the luxury goods without really tarnishing the pure luxury image of such goods. As per current economic situation, the brand equity for luxury goods has regained a place of prime importance. This raises the question as to whether there are ways to enhance the purchase intentions for luxury brands while preserving the said equity (Euro Monitor 2010). Further, the sustainability of the luxury brand goods has come into question and found fresh attention from business researchers. Taking a long term view of the marketing efforts, there is a need to investigate the means as to increase the purchase intentions of consumers for luxury brands at a very fundamental level. ...
This is so, lest it dilutes the brand image. Thus there is a need to find out whether, the more accessible or economic versions of the other wise luxury brand will be sustainable and in line with overall brand value of the luxury goods. The existing sales channels for any given brand typically have their own strengths and weaknesses. Besides, the effectiveness of a channel varies with time. Thus it is important to find out a way to compensate for the effects of decline in sales through a channel. Another pertinent question that arises from the above discussion is whether new sales channels need to be developed to compensate for the downward trends in a given sales channel. Also, it needs to be found whether they can add any real value in terms of the customer experience. It remains to be seen whether any new channels will really be able to have any positive effect on the purchase intentions of the consumers. If yes then how the additional sales channels can be used to maximize the sales by affecting the purchase intentions. Luxury goods businesses need to have a guiding tool to help them decide whether and how the specific brand they are selling will respond to opening of any new sales channels and whether they will really be beneficial for their given brand. In this context its important to note that certain brands resist opening new sales and distribution channels for their brands. For instance the Rolex brand owners are against internet as a means to sell their brand (Brand Channel 2012). At the same time other luxury brands are endorsing internet as a sales channel. This raises questions about the validity of sales channels’ effectiveness for luxury brands. These questions can be answered only with proper research into the topic. The procurement or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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