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The concept of hot desking and the importance of this technique in the modern world - Dissertation Example

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This research is governed by the following objectives: to understand the concept of hot desking and the importance of this technique in the modern world; to explore the pros and cons of hot desking and the improvements that are required in the concept; to provide suggestions in enhancement of hot desking and further improvements. …
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The concept of hot desking and the importance of this technique in the modern world
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Extract of sample "The concept of hot desking and the importance of this technique in the modern world"

Download file to see previous pages e end of this report to improve the concept of hot desking is that the organizations should propose an event in a month to socialize the employees so as they get familiarize with their behaviours and interests in order to achieve good collaboration and communication and to increase the performance efficiency. Table of Contents Acknowledgement 3 Abstract 4 Table of Contents 5 1.1 Background 8 1.2 Research Aim: 9 1.3 Research objectives: 9 1.4 Research Questions: 10 1.5 Significance of this study: 10 1.6 Scope of this study: 10 1.7 Rationale: 11 Chapter 2: Literature Review 12 2.1 Introduction 12 2.2 Hot desking and cost saving 12 2.3 Hot desking with greater utilisation and flexibility 13 2.4 Hot desking and Information Technology 14 2.5 Self-Categorisation Theory 15 2.6 Spatial Theory of Organisation 16 2.7 Lefebvre’s Spatial Triad 17 2.8 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory 18 2.9 Belbin’s Team Work Theory 19 2.9 Determinants of Job Satisfaction 19 2.10 Flexible Hours; a Core Component of Hot Desking 20 2.11 Moving Towards a Model of Hybrid Organisations 20 2.12 Effective Communication Model 21 2.12.1 Impact of Work Environment on Transfer of Skills 22 2.12.2 Hot Desking Implications in Business Organisations 23 Source: (Fiehn and Miller 2009)Chapter 3: Research Methodology 26 3.1 Introduction: 26 3.2 Adopted Research Methodology: 26 3.2.1 Inductive Approach: 27 3.3 Data Collection: 27 3.3.1 Primary Research: 27 3.3.2 Sampling: 29 3.4 Basis for Analysis: 30 3.5 Limitations: 30 Chapter 4: Findings and Discussion 32 4.1 Introduction 32 This chapter provides a summary and discussion of the findings from the interviews and the survey questions, which were conducted at Cisco. The researcher interviewed seven individuals from different departments of Cisco; their...
This study looks into hot desking as a physical workstation, which involves multiple employees or those workers that are working on different shifts. Hot desking also means independent location working in which the workers have their own desk and they could work from anywhere according to their needs. The employees are connected to their computers and the IP phones through a virtual desktop. The practice of hot desking was brought in to the business world in 1990’s but it was not commonly used because of limited technology adoption by the companies but however, the concept is widely adopted in the modern world because organizations are moving towards saving the costs and increasing their productivity. The origin of the concept hot desking was first implemented in the navy, which was then known as ‘hot bunking’ where the sailors would share the limited bunk space in shifts. Hot desking is useful to those companies whose employees are frequently out of the office or the job description of the employees includes working out of the premises of the offices. It improves communication and collaboration at work having a highly mobile work force and releases the pressures of the budget. The frequent use of hot desking in the workplace is where when the employees are not in the office at the same time or for a very long time and their offices and desks are often vacant so the company utilizes that office space by appointing more workforces to consume valuable space and save the expenses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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