Management across Culture in China. China is home to the oldest and most continuous culture worldwide - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Management across Culture in China China is home to the oldest and most continuous culture worldwide. When sociologists talk about the customary beliefs, social norms, pattern of human knowledge and material traits of religious, racial, or social group they are infinitely referring to culture…
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Management across Culture in China. China is home to the oldest and most continuous culture worldwide
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Download file to see previous pages With globalization came international business people. What is always confusing with different cultures is, those values that may be acceptable in one culture may be counterproductive or even unacceptable in another. In Peoples Republic of China, people view managers differently (Branine, 2011:226). People expect managers in both private and foreign sectors to be entrepreneurial, fluent, pragmatic, and flexible in both their native culture and that of their foreign investors. It is common and believable to find “benevolent authoritarian” young managers in Chinese companies. Even though this sounds rampant even in other cultures, in China employees expect their managers to deploy leadership by living an exemplary life. This means those managers involved in company operations are hard working and earn their employees respect and compliance. Management characteristics within Chinese culture are rapidly changing especially in the private sector. Traditionally, loyalty remained within families or groups however, this is transforming drastically. Mobility of labor is increasing dramatically especially within the foreign firms. Presently, once an employee gains some experience in a particular field, his or her employment options open up widely especially in the large coastal cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. This shows that loyalty in Chinese culture regarding employment is vividly losing magnitude and at the same time, they are replacing it with experience and labor mobility (Branine, 2011:227). Roles of managers differ coherently with place and culture. With this respect, the role of a manager in China entail that, a successful cross-cultural manager in this country has to be aware that every individual in the organization has a very distinct role to play hence maintaining that role helps in keeping order. Managers may carry out their duties in their respective manner and even function autocratically. In some cases, they might use an intermediary to solve problems with their staff or do it privately (Branine, 2011:247). Due to cultural aspects like these, management across such culture is hectic and requires tolerance and perseverance. Nevertheless, China’s cultural adaptability is improving rapidly in spite of her traditional medium of cultural tolerance because of the increasing demand for global marketplace. A manager should receive and address any ideas raised by an employee in order to avoid exposure (Branine, 2011:264). This shows that Chinese culture is gently incorporating approaches brought in by change. In addition, since approach to time and priorities is moderate and typical in Chinese culture, there may be some flexibility towards strict adherence to schedules and deadlines. Nonetheless, the expectations regarding global trade and intercultural expansion are causing Chinese to adopt stringent principles of adhering to schedules. The process of decision making in Chinese organizations is bureaucratic. Even though China is changing, the engrained bureaucracy within government offices and in the most entrepreneurial companies is still evident. Different departments apt to work separately and quite independently and only share specified and selected information (Branine, 2011:269). This shows that, rivalry often exist amongst these departments under the same company. These cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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