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Air Canada Organizational Behaviour - Essay Example

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24 March 2012. Air Canada team system Air Canada is the biggest full-service airline in Canada. Air Canada has made a number of achievements in its way to becoming a leader in the industry. “It started with Air Canada’s kiosk strategy, through which the company led the industry in deploying “off-site” kiosks at different points in the travel ecosystem, beginning with hotels and eventually considering other possibilities such as car rentals, convention centers and airportbound train stations—just about any place that travelers gather” (“Air Canada: On a never- ending push”)…
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Air Canada Organizational Behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages These values serve as touchstones to guide our actions” (“Mission, vision & values”). This paper discusses the team system of Air Canada. Before evaluating the team system of Air Canada, it is customary to have a brief insight into the types of teams and the process of group formation. Teams are of various types that include but are not limited to permanent teams, temporary teams, task forces, committees, and self-managed teams (“Types of Teams”). These teams differ from one another depending upon the roles and responsibilities of the team members and the team’s life. Permanent team, as the name indicates, is not formed for a particular time. It stays as such even after the task has been accomplished. On the other hand, temporary teams are formed for a certain length of time, and get dissolved after the task has been accomplished. Task force is a kind of team that is developed as per the need of the hour. Organizations tend to form task force to accomplish special tasks. They are commonly employed to find solutions to very complicated problems. Committees are also assigned particular tasks and they may be temporary or permanent. Members of a committee normally share similar views, opinions and attitudes. Self-managed teams differ from other teams in that there is no leader. People decide upon matters through mutual consensus. Bruce Tuckman has proposed a five staged-model of group formation. The five stages are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning (Neil). In the stage of forming, group members unite and interact with one another. In the storming stage, group’s problems are identified and a leader is chosen. In the norming stage, members remove their individualistic differences and agree upon common goals. In the performing stage, group members practice crafts to achieve their common goals identified in the previous stage. In the adjourning stage, group members start departing causing the group to disperse. Air Canada has traditionally provided its workforce with full support to achieve their best potential while working in teams. Air Canada places a lot of emphasis on providing both its customers and employees with safety. Although there is no obvious relation between safety and teamwork, yet safety plays a fundamental role in the development of teamwork. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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