The ICT Industry in Canada - Term Paper Example

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This paper analyzes the developments that have been presented in the Canadian industry’s ICT sector and the contribution that it has presented within its economy. Canada’s Association of I.T. Professionals (CIPS) has provided development in the ICT department supporting the program since 1958…
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The ICT Industry in Canada
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Extract of sample "The ICT Industry in Canada"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings the ICT industry within any societal setting is vital in ensuring progress to the economy to deliver an update on the necessary resources. The resources that are under consideration issue support to the political and economic sustenance. The desire to analyze the ICT provision of any company is attributed to the requirements presented in identifying the main contributions of the entity. The ICT industry has been a leading form of intellectual property in the modern century with a provision issued to mark the features that have contributed to its advancement. Canadian ICT sector has made leading developments in creating stability in the economy, while maintain a noticeable balance in the principles that are applied to create sustainability in the economy. The ICT industry in Canada has presented numerous developments in the generation of GDP, and measures to maintain its effectiveness need to be implemented to realize its contributions. Canada had established its economy as the leader of the information advances, and recent advancements have seen it fail to maintain its status among the developed powers that are capable of offering sustainability within the ICT sector. Policies to balance the ICT industry with the developmental inputs presented within its economy are the factors that might revive the industry. The major composer of the industry has been articulated to comprise minor companies. These are an estimated 33, 000 firms, 80% of the number specializing in software and computer development. The other numbers are concerned with wholesaling and manufacturing. On the other hand, companies with a large work force form the minority in the industry with an estimated 20% of firms that are engaged in ICT sector. The value of the ICT composition with the manufacturing and software development sector has been boosted by the need to provide investment of qualified professionals, who are capable of delivering the developments to achieve the economic progress desired. However, the large companies with an employee turnover of 500 professionals support the sector with the need to provide regulation of the needed gadgets. In 2010, leading companies owned the number that constituted the manufacturing segment of the ICT area. These companies held a minimal employee capacity with the number of employees estimated to be 50 per firm, and the record revealed that this number in the total ICT share occupied 3.7%. Contribution to the economy Research conducted revealed that the ICT sector had increased its total revenue between 2009 and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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